Video of my Monster Beetle

Love the video mate ... especially the oldy part :clown:

BTW, leave the oldy soundtrack! it's cool ....
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:2guns: :phone: by far one of the best fg vids iv ever seen, great music great close up shots and all the good crashes and landings i want to see and it was cool to hear your moto with the music, fricken great please let us know when you send another vid in to you tube!!:eek:mg:
thanks guys, I just bought the camera so I'm keen... just got to buy the editing software but the free one's are okay. But for sure, I have HEAPS of ideas but am just learning.
Added to vid post (50)-31.
Leave it love the surprising edit at the end took me about 1 minute to realize it wasn't a 50's ballet.:clown:
Gotta love the beetle body sure does like rolling back on its top more so then the MT body.
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