Want a FH MT, at least I think I do

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Hey guys, new here! Ok, I own a LHS and just got in a couple Firehammer MT's. I just wanted to display one and see if any interrest in my area springs up! Well, it has, me! :)

I've been into the Hobby for 28 years, but never any big scale vehicles. I knew when I opened this truck up, I'd want one myself. Well now that I've read some on it, i'm not sure. I thought I'd go over one, locktite anything that needs it and didn't get it, check everything else out, then gas it up and runit.

Now I'm worried about the gears. My question I guess is: Can you run one of these, not beat the snot out of it, but just enjoy it some and not have to replace gears etc. right off? I checked the mesh this morning on the display one, and its spot on. Lined up right also. Can you run it like this, and keep an eye on the mesh from time to time and be good. I won't be jumping my house like some guys do, and I'm very good to my stuff and do maintanance also.

I know I'll wanna modify it later and hop it up some, but how about now. Can it run and be half way dependable? Yes, I know we aren't gonna know if something is gonna break from it not being right, or me hitting something, but I'm asking if it will last if its right from the factory as far as mesh and lignment? Any help would be great cause I wanna fire one up bad, but don't wanna start working on it and replacing parts right off from poor quality, not me doing something stupid!

I think yes. If you are like me and not jumping your house, you should be good.

My parts I've replaced are the pinion gear, diff housing, and large alloy mount.

Just make certain everything is tight. The other night I hit a two foot bump in a field and it flipped about 10 times, bounced in the air and broke a right steering knuckle. It is covered under the Stresstech warranty. I just have to send back the part. That, in my opinion, can happen on any gas/electric/nitro vehicle. I also just put on a DDM pipe which seemed to increase the speed immensely.

I have also found a good place to order the extra parts from.....tqrcracing, one of the sponsors here. I ordered a ton of extra parts for around $30 bucks. Cheaper than Tower. He carry's the HobbyPro clone brand (similar to Smartech, XTM, etc.). Hopefully, he will have the parts in stock.

As for gear mesh, just make certain the differential spur and pinion (the ones on the bottom) line up after every run. I check it after every run. I think it is safe to say on the FG's even you should be tightening the mounts up normally. You will know immediately if something is wrong. I just blew my diff out a couple weeks ago. The plastic housing broke and then it stripped out all of the internal gears. Great day that was. I replaced it with FG 08484 alloy diff so I shouldn't have that problem again.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I just wanna make sure I can run this thing now without having to replace stuff with upgrades right off. I kinda got freaked about the gears, thinking if I fire it up, then within the first 5-6 tanks, i'm gonna have to replace gears. Hope not!
You can run it for several tanks without doing anything. But you'll get the itch after a few tanks. Then, you'll want to take a few jumps. Its not that bad cost wise to get these to a tough condition.
Ok, cool! Yeah, I just wanna run it some stock, other than maybe gutting the stock can first. I always modify all my r/c's, always have. I'm sure I will want to on this one too, but I also wanna know it will run as is for awhile with out breaking if I don't wreck it, or jump 5 feet or more.

I want it to be durable stock and don't wanna have to start replacing gears right off from no abuse which is kinda how I was reading into it.
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