What brakes parts do I need?

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locust grove ga
I have installed new alloy motor mounts ,engine plate and brake bracket. I put it all together and realized that the stock brake will not work.The bar that puts pressure on the disc and the disc will not fit now. Does any one have any idea what parts I will need to make the brakes work? Part numbers would be great also.
Thanks in advance.
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I'm sorta confused on your question?:blush:
You installed the alloy mounts small and large,
engine plate and brake bracket.
Is that the gear plate #7474? If it is the 7474 you also need to use #7497 with it. With that set up the upgrade for 7474 is 8449 and will upgrade the disk, pads and grommets.
If this is not the answer do you have any photos of your set up?
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