What engine are you running in your Baja 1000

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that set-up would be sweet because there so many gear ratios too play with in the MCD's . you can gear it tall with all the torque that 30.5 has you wont bag outta the hole on your low end .. but right now i am just a reader maybe hopefully multiple users car give you a heads up ..
The MCD have quite alot of drivetrain mass that needs to be winded up, so a good torque engine is needed. I got a Raceported 27,2 especially ported for this car and a jetpro, but I still am missing some bottom end torqe for when i gear it for good speed. Im probably gonna go for a Reed ported 27,2 next time im buying an upgrade for it.
I have raced and bashed my MCD RR Evo 2 and Rally car with a wide variety of CY and Zenoah engines including a 4-bolt head 'Heli' spec engine.

I am currently using a race tuned 23cc engine (built over 5 years ago) in my RR Evo 2 and although it was designed for a 2WD on-road car, my RR Evo 2 is still quick.

I am using a worn-out stock 27cc CY engine in my Rally car and the car has proved to be nearly as fast as the FG Evo 2WD cars in the recent timed testing at the local track.

Invest in a tuned pipe - I can recomend the Samba one although the RN Tuning and Mielke pipes are equally good. Fit a hard clutch spring (HPI red one or similar) and use a good quality air filter.

The racers here in the UK use 26cc engines even though the racing rules allow engines up to 30cc.....

Best performing engine in a lower price range that I have seen is the 28.5. With the smaller stroke engines the RPM go way higher, without losing performance on the bottom. You could always go with a Trevor Simpson billet engine in there for some real speed. Better get ready to shell out some bucks though.
Your right & I forgot about this. Ted, I plan on getting one of these myself to run in different models. I'm not fimiliar with the performance of the marine style engine cylinders. I know the porting is a bit more performance oriented in these. What kind of performance do they have ? Meaning is there more bottom end power, or more top end rpm. The 26cc. engines rev really good & I'm interested in running it in my MCD Rally car. For this vehicles purpous I would like to be able to run this combo. if for no other reason. I can say I'm running a Zenoah engine. Thanks, Awesome design work & products DarkSoul !

I looked at the dyno sheets on the other forum & think I have a good idea on this, but would still like to hear it from your side.
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I directed you to the dyno runs since I have no affiliation with Lunatik, we actually don't even really get along on the forums that much, so I figured it would be a good unbiased way to look at the engine performance.

But my side of the story, as it were, is this, the CY Marine top end is rated at about 4 hp with a stock style can, throw a pipe on , and that number starts to increase as the dyno printout showed (there is another series of dyno runs with the DS head kit and I think 5 different pipes), that is pretty damn respectable for all off the shelf, non- aftermarket ported parts.

When I started to work out this kit, I had consulted with Carlo from CC Racing Engines in New Orleans (holds pretty much all the RC boat records), and asked him straight up what he thought of the CY Marine top ends, he said they make great power, but they don't like to use them much because they did'nt seem to hold up for their applications, now keep in mind that their application is in a boat spinning at 17.5k for 5 minutes solid, never letting off, I ask any of you to find me a big bore, like a 30.5 that can even stand 1 minute of full throttle without blowing up, I think you will be hard pressed to do so.

Anyhoo, for the car applications, rarely will anyone peg the thing for more than a minute, so the reliability issue was not really an issue, and as I mentioned, I have been running many of these motors, 4 currently, with no problems, and I am about to start building a few more experimental motors with this same top end.

I don't understand the fascination with the 30.5 motors, they really are not all that impressive given the displacement and the inherent issues associated with running a 2mm stroker crank. I have been on the beach with many Baja's sporting the 30,5s and was not impressed at all, a few have been killer, but these are motors that have had extensive modification to them by people like ESP, so far from off the shelf.

IMO I think that the DS top end is by far the best bang for the buck, you can for an investment of $150 be getting a solid 4+ hp or much more with a good pipe, considerably less than buying a 30.5 rated at 4.0+ HP for $300 or 4.5hp for $425.

Thats my 10 cents, and yes, of course I am somewhat biased, however I have not heard of any issues or complaints as of yet with the performance of this setup, and I have been running one now for several months (since November) with no issues.

Hope that helps.
tuned engine beats all reed engines, oddified heli engine

i WAS USING MY ODDIFIED HELI ENGINE, but just balds my tyres its that quick,if you click on the link you will see the engine for sale and my evo 3 which isnt for sale.lol, its on ebay now for sale as i have to many tuned engines i can ship workdwide as long as you pay postage...thanks

watch your mates face's when you leave them at the start and the top end WOWwwwwwwwww

Clubin did you get your evo3 yet? I have the RR evo2 on the way I gotta be crazy I just got the monster truck also i'm converting it baja 1000
Clubin did you get your evo3 yet? I have the RR evo2 on the way I gotta be crazy I just got the monster truck also i'm converting it baja 1000

I should have it soon. I decided for now I would just put a 26cc Zenoah with a 8000 rpm spring and a race ported big bore kit later. I think I would like to try one of DS's engines, they look sweet.
DS's?? have not seen them orderd mine with the 28.5 motor chrome race runner but I'm converting to baja evo2
from largescale those guys take good care of you
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