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Hi all,
Just joined the forum got a 29cc marder. was wondering what gearing people are running only mine just will not spinning the wheels i'm currently running a 18t pinion and 46t spur just ordered a 48 spur to bring the ratio down a bit to see if this helps. if any one has a tried a tested combo i would be grateful for any info :) :)
The 48 tooth will not mesh with the 18 tooth pinion. You have to use the gear ratios according:
18/46 16/48 20/44 etc. If you want more low end power change to the 16/48. if you are looking for more top end goto the 20/44. if you go 20/44 you will need the smaller gear carrier.
Sweet sorted it 20/44 done the trick got loads more grip lower down and loads more top end sorted. Thanks rc nutshobbies. my model shop swapped the gears for me so no money lost. happy days.
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