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It's been a while since I posed anything and wanted to let you guys know how the car is running and what I have added.

First, I had to change that plastic servo plate to an aluminum one because I noticed there was too much servo flex (major difference it made).

Second, I added a clunker in the gas tank because the car would just stall at about half tank (problem solved)...

Third, I got the buggy gravel/on-road tires. These things are the ticket if you want to do any kind of asphalt driving! They grip like crazy.

Fourth, I changed the gearing to 30/33 and the car moves like a bat out of hell on and off-road.

Finally, the Samba tuned pipe kept touching the body and it was starting to yellow a bit, so to solve the problem I crafted a sleeve out of an oven mit that we had. That is probably my best modification yet LOL..

I will post pictures before the weekend!
Makes the world of difference, and I got the MCD on from largescalerc.com it was actually $20 cheaper than the king cobra one. However it is not shown on the website, you have to call and ask him for it!
Huh, whats with this secret you have to call business....lol Bit hard when your on the other side of the world!

Anyway I got some fine weave 2.5mm carbon fiber yesterday so will be making up my own plates. Never worked with the stuff before so will be interesting to see how/if it turns out.
Not wanting to sound like your mother or anything but make sure and wear a mask. That stuff is nasty if you inhale it... Also, what I do is tape the whole piece up and draw and cut my template, that way there are no chips!!
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