what materials are used info

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I'm just curious.
What grade alloy is used for aftermarket control arms, bulkheads, shock towers and such?

Any and all info would be much appreciated
Im not expert on this.
Its my understanding that different manufacturers are using different alloys.

I will find someone to properly answer this question. Its a great knowledge to have.
the strenghts are far as im aware of i have worked with both but as far as the property's between the both i couldnt tell you .. one thing though i can say i was bending the side on my chassis on a 10 ton brake and with the 6061 t6 material it bent smoothly and easier then the 7075 t6 i couldnt made the bend farther then about 25 30 degrees then it just exploded because its so hard it becomes brittle so i had too cut it and weld it to the 45 degree angle i wanted to achieve i wanted higher sides to help with dirt
7075 has greater fatigue strength. If you slightly bend it over and over, it will last longer than 6061. That is why they use it on most aircraft. Long term use. But it costs alot more than 6061.

For RC type of stuff, its better to save the money. In either one, if you bend it too far, it will never come back anyway.

You cna argue all day about the mechanical properties, but RC stuff will never be able to gain the advantage of 7075.
im purchaced the 7075 threw my employer and it was only about 10 difference from the 6061 and 7075 thats the only reason i went the 7075 well that and its stronger .. also the old FG chassis was garbage IMO bent just looking at it
You guys are great.
Where do you guys get your material from? I have onlinemetals and aircraftspruce.
Thanks a bunch for all the info, I appreciate it.
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