What size are the screws on the bottom of the FG Monster Truck?

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On the bottom of the chassis on the FG Monster truck there are a number of countersunk screws. I'm looking for the one toward the front which holds the bottom of the servo saver in place.

Yes I've managed to loose the screw on the flip side; Missing screw on FG Truck, now I'm looking for the other side...

Check your records, I just looked all over and I can't find them. I do recall you said a few times that you'd get one out to me but I never seen one and didn't make no fuss out cause it wasn't no big deal.

I've received a MonsterGT screw kit back in the day and the latest was a bearing kit for my FG, but no screw kit.

Haha, I know you are I'm just messing with you - keep it...for now. One of these days I'm going to get more made for all of us.

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