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S.E Michigan
Well I got to thinking about some sand drags this year at Silver lake and on some pavement.With all the HP these motors are making and after driving mine on the road I made this wheelie bar this is the first version that I made now Im working on a pc for the top to make it adjustable and maybee even add a spring to it.
Since nobody has made one yet I though I would show it off a little.

The ride height is set pretty low in the pics and will go up alot but I cant see needing to go down any more.But I think adjustable height would be the best way to go.

Oh ya forgot to mention the Size its 11in long and is made from 6061 aluminum and its 5mm thick well its 4mm now after flating the surfaces and polishing.
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Nice work!

What are you hiding under the rag?
Top secret? :D
Im working on adding some piggybacks on the stock shocks along with some long travel ideas that im having.Just not finished and it looks a little rough at this point im looking for some different fittings and such.I had some braided lines made for the piggys.And im just trying to make it look a little better and get it on all 4s before I show it off.
looks good yamadude that took alot of work by hand plus the polishing i need to get off my butt and take mine apart and strip and polish but now i will probably waite to get new silver or black chassis when they come to ddm. i will need wheely bar when i put my cy231 esp ported and modified motor in it .still running stocker runs great right now with jet pro pipe . i have to much stuff for this thing and not enough time to work on it.
That looks totally sweet all polished up. Love it. I my self have not done a wheelie yet, when I had my baja out was either resently rained or snowed, so no grip for the tires.
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