Which Lipo connectors to use on Losi DBXL-E or similar

Dear all,
Which battery connector do you suggest me to use on my Losi DBXL-E RC?
I'm using 2x 4 cells Lipo batteries (20C, 60C & 90C).
I'm also going to upgrade the Spur\Pinion combo on my Losi soon.

My thoughts are about EC5 vs. XT90 AS (anti-spark), but I don't have any experience with them.
Also, don't know where from to order? HobbyKing, Amain, etc.. any recommendations about specific brand would be great!
Now-days I'm using only Deans on all of my RCs and would run the change all over my RCs and batteries.

One last question, how easy it going to be to replace the Deans with the suggested connector by myself? if it difficult at all.....

Thanks in advance!