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All you RR's out there have you ever had any issues with the way the wing mounts connect the the rear shock tower? Just installed mine and the connection using the 4 self tappers seem like a weak point to me and looks as if it would rip right off during the first tumble. It does however appear to be quite flexible though so maybe thats the secret.

Oh and BTW if you want a cheaper wing try using the HPI Baja one. Just drill 2holes and your done. Mounted mine last night and looks great. Another bonus is you can also get them in diffrent colours to match your rims and body.
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The baja wing sounds good to me, especially that the MCD on looks pretty brittle. You are right about the mounting of the wing brackets, they seem weak, however, as soon as you place the wing on it appears to reduce their play..
My wing is ripped off at the mounts! Very poor design, yes the wing mounts flex, mine were almost at right angles to the car after a little while, heat em up a bit and reset them in place and all is good but ultimately the self tappers ripped out and have ripped the plastic and weakened the rear shock tower. Im gonna make a very bodgey aluminium setup that will clamp arount the rear tower and mount the wing mount to that instead.

Mono, rip it off now and save yourself the hassle, it looks cool but just needs better mounts or a way that won't rip the shock tower apart on a bad landing. And if you get tricky and go engineering a proper way to mount it - don't forget me :clown:
Ah fark, now that's not what I wanted to hear.

Kinda knew the answer before I posted but was hoping to hear different. Wonder if us Aussies are crap drivers or are just to hard on these things as you never hear about any of these issues with the European crowd. Normally wings are great at they take the brunt of an impact often saving other components from damage. You would think the designers would have at least thought of another mounting method instead of using self tappers which can only bite into 5mm of material.

Unfortunately im no designer. Chickenlips is the man to engineer for a solution for this!!!
Ok here's my possible solution to this problem. Judging by MONAROMAN's experiences its the shock tower that is the weak point so I have concentrated in strengthening that area. After a few different ideas this was the quickest to make.

It's some 10mm alloy "U" channel I had lying around. Pretty easy to find from your local hardware/metal supplier (got mine from Bunnings) and fairly simple to install (although it is a super tight fit and you will need to carefully remove some material side of the shock tower)

Still using the self tappers to secure the wing mount to the shock tower but it now feels solid and hopefully will hold up to the abuse.



Did someone mention me, sorry fellas haven't been at my computer, been droolling :celebrate: :celebrate::celebrate: over my brand new Baja 1000 Evo2 Comp with a ported 30.5, now I just gotta find time to make some upgrades
Did someone mention me, sorry fellas haven't been at my computer, been droolling :celebrate: :celebrate::celebrate: over my brand new Baja 1000 Evo2 Comp with a ported 30.5, now I just gotta find time to make some upgrades

:party-time: :rockon:
Mate you'll have fun with that for sure.

Mono thats the goods.
Hey chickenlips, have you had a chance to take the RR Evo out for a spin?

Whats your initial impressions?

I reckon it will be terrifying with a ported ESP 30.5 in it.....It will be a 4WD trenching tool hahaha
Nice work Mono!! i will be doing similar on mine. I might even go as far as milling some towers from aluminum. Their geometry is pretty straight forward! We'll see how good the plastic holds up..
Chickenlips. Can you post some pictures of you new Baja1000 Evo2. I want to see the differences/similarities to the old one and to the race runner.

A few have asked for some pics taken from the top showing how the Baja wing is mounted so here they are.


This was my test wing. Actually it will probably be my track wing for a while so I don't get my nice new white one all scuffed up during its first outing.

Thanks Mono,
See I thought the holes were much further in for some reason, but that is not bad at all. I'm gonna get myself a white one to go with my theme!!
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