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near my fg
can someone give me the diameter of the x-can exit ports ??? i need to know the diameter for the silicone tubes that are used for extending the exhaust.

Buggzy without taking mine apart I have the same set up as this and the tubes at the end measure 5/8'' which is what the stinger on the can itself is I believe.
The silicone is from a savage exhaust and 34 ford sent me the tubes.This is a pic of his baja.I used one of the silicone tubes from DDM and cut small pieces off and did basically the same thing but cut my tubes at 45 degree angles at the ends gives it a more scale look:)
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With the X-Can, you can make a false bottom in it to hide your contraband. The other unit is sealed.


I take it no one has tried out the cheap one?
I still would like to know what the Xport will do for performance and what the difference would be with a large vs small xport?
ya someone over on HBF commented on haveing one, and it being better than his JPv2 pipe? maybe for all out breathability, but in now way can a can outpeform a tuned pipe. i think he was smoking Crack, or eating it maybe.
ya, i have the XCan, TGN Tuned pipe and now a Dominator too.

all 3 have there uses imo.

the TGN has Killer Low end with a strong mid and decent top ends the tone without the silincer is out fraking standing!

the Dom has Strong Low End, with a Killer Mid and a decent top end. the tone on this is very meaty sounding!!
the Xcan is an all around basher can. good performance, but not as controllable thru the rpm range as with a pipe on. but there no additional weight out of balance and its unlikely you ll have damaget to the xcan without a freaky accident.

the Dom and TGN are built VERY SOLID and i don't expect damage issues with either of these pipe either, again unless its a freaky deaky accident.

i ll be using the TGN for Dunes, Drag Racing.
Dom for General bashing and track use. once i get a few other things here, i ll be attempting a new pipe made from bashed up pipes im gathering.
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