Anyone bust a wheel yet?

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Melbourne, Australia
Gotta say im rather disappointed with the quality of some of the MCD parts. in 20 mins of run time at my R/C clubs track I ended up breaking a rose joint as well as a wheel. The track is made for 1/8 so no jump is bigger than 20cm high and on top of that I was not going flat out over them either.

Seems like the plastic used in the wheels is very brittle. Anyone else had any issues or could recommend a stronger wheel for my Baja1000?




and i never had any probs with the mcd wheels but bad obsession done the plastic rose joint in but that was after some serious abuse

the strongest rim you will buy is a lauterbacher rim and the best tyres you will run are sld killers or fatals



my personal favorites are the killers as these are the best on any surface and i found the nobbly tyres to have too much grip
maby if you write to mcd thay might send you a replacement to keep you as a customer and a supporter of mcd,( they are still new) or ask the shop that sold you the car to tack care of that problem. it shouldnt break in the rim like that man that sucks.
Hey Monaroman, you paid over $160 for a pair of tires? Look great but im not able to shell out another $320 plus rims to get me back on the track again. Spoke to Mike at Powerslide where I purchased my MCD and although he is sympathetic it seems wheels are not covered under warranty. He is going to order me some replacements which I will buy to give them one last try. I would understand if the breakage was caused by a full speed accident but a mid throttle landing over a small jump should not break a wheel.

I really hope my MCD proves me wrong as at the moment I think it is made out of egg shells as both the wheel and rose joint damage were results of low speed crashes.

I also noticed one of my shock dampeners didn’t work as intended from the factory (spun freely rather than having 3 distinct clicks) so I had to glue that in place so that my dampening didn’t change while running.
Nah man, $160 for tyres, foam inserts, rims, rim extensions and tyre glue

Like others have said, you could try speaking to MCD - it might cost you a bit to send it O/S but not as much as a new set. Can't hurt to shoot them an email about it.
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I really want to help you out Mono, if I had a spare wheel or a complete new car I could take a wheel off to get you going I would send it straight away. I have requested a set of rims be dispatched to me from O/S on the double and via express courier or whatever high speed services they have.
Next time I see Sinan from MCD is online I will ask him about warrantying the wheel.
I'm also willing to lend you a pair or race runner rims and tyres so you can run the car while we wait for the replacement. Just say the word and I'll send them.
Yeah you have been great Mike and I appreciate you gesture. I hope you don't feel I am unloading on you as I am certainly not its just a bit frustrating having the issues I have had so far given the $$ spent. In the 20 or so mins of track time it has seen so far I have managed to...

*Break one wheel
*Break one rose joint (not related to the wheel breakage)
*Loose a rear drive shaft from the rear arm coming apart (luckily no breakage, caused by 2 bolts coming loose)
*Bend front bumper (nose dive from first jump)
*Crack the rear of the body shell from a roof landing
*1 faulty dampening adjuster (like that from new)
*Throttle rod kept jamming had to re-design
* Fuel tank issues. Originally caused by it not being a vented design and after venting I am having air bubble issues in the fuel line

Makes it even worse as I was really hoping to impress some of the guys at my club as a few of them race at an national level and have expressed an interest in 1/5 ever since they laid eyes on my previous 5b but unfortunately they have seen me more in the pit than the track lately....

Anyway enough moaning and groaning from me. When its running I love it. If only MCD supplied a bigger flexible front bumper then I reckon I would have not had the drama's I had. This alloy stock bumper has got hairs on it! Whats it supposed to do in a crash apart from breaking the leg of the person you hit.

BTW Mike got the 33t/30t gears from you and it really gets up and goes now. No good for racing as the tracks too tight to get the best out of that combo but out in the field its awesome.

Oh and thanks for the speedy ordering of the rims.
I have seen a wheel broken just like that. I have to say some of those rims seem kinda brittle. It does take a big jolt to break them though. I broke one my self & seen another one that looked exactally the same. It is a bummer they are not covered under a warranty. Due to the nature of this hobby, You have to understand in certain crashes damage will occur. How long you looking to get these wheels ?? Maybe I can help out getting this a bit quicker ?
No big jolt from what I remember but that said the MCD's are incredibly heavy so the momentum behind even a slow crash would be pretty intense. Still you would like to think they would hold up. People complain about the 5b rims being too flexible causing rubbing on the rear arms etc. but I would prefer that than being stiff and brittle.

Thanks for the offer but I have already placed my order for replacement rims and will hopefully have them by next week.

I also ordered a set of these today based on whizzy's recommendation.


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before gluing them up, I would boil the rims in a pot of water. I raced Thunder Tiger a while back and the replacement wider offset rims we got were super brittle. if you didn't boil them they broke.
well if u check out our videos you will see i run the killers all the time apart from the beach my mcd baja is the red and black one
and mono mate make sure you get lauterbacher rims not the sld rims as the lauterbachers are better quality and are stronger
and you definately don't need to boil them as they don't need it ive never boiled them and yet to break or damage any

videos can be found here at badobsessions you tube
need more

hi wizzy that was kik axx need to sea more vids man iv just come in from work bit of a shxt day :( but now you made me happy keep them coming:) sorry about the wheel that happens
monaroman, I paid $100 a pair for glued SLD killers on lauterbacher rims in Brisbane.

I wouldn't for second take the baja1000 on a 1/8th track, for starters a jump face (1/8th club track) will generally be too short and unsettle the larger chassis of the 1/5th... Just stick with natural terrain stuff.
shouldnt be a problem Flibble. peeps running these forums are Real. they understand to get all the info sometimes you have to read elsewhere.
just so long as theres no porn, no problem. typically.
Did a search... not exactly straight forward. Is it Trackside RC?

I think info is the key on this site - and its sister site (which is great - a large scale forum with all the info for large scale owners)

Have you got yours running yet flib?
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