eBAY 1/5 Electric F1 cars?

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Anyone ever drop the $90 on one of these just for display or for minor drivway cruising? Was it worth the low price?

I want to get one to add to my collection of large scales and custom paint it to match a real racers car.

For $90 it seems like a good deal. Of course I'm expecting piss poor perfomance, but that's not why I want it. It will mainly sit on a shelf and look cool, possinly come down to let off some steam in the parking lots or driveway.

I have seen them as large as 1/3 scale and over five feet long for sale, but those have disappeared as far as I can tell.
nope havnt spent the cash, they are a very inexpensive Target/Wallyworld type. they do look pretty good though i wouldnt expect more than 10mph and 15 minute runtimes on a fat huge 6v battery.
Are they as big as the ads claim them to be? 3 feet long, or are they much smaller?

I ask cause these Ebay sellers are notorious for grossly overstating size.
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