Chokin the chicken too much! 🐔😳
It wasn't just the silencer ,it was the whole fekin barrel!....😲

Id be afraid to fire after the barrel gets like that ,I think that there use to be some old war machine gun that
were water cooled!,,,,:unsure:



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The second vid, ear rape 😂
Never go online without either an adaptive EQ or a limiter. I use a brickwall limiter on my output to avoid advertisement jumpscares and badly edited videos.

This is fine for the job Set an upper limit and the audio is blocked above that point without squashing compression.
I think that if you pay to be hear for a membership ,I think that it suppose to be less add's!

I also noticed ,that every time that I look at stuff on E-bay ,the very same stuff that I look at ,will appear as a headline
banner ,does other folk's see that?.....I don't know!......:unsure:

I also see add's on some kinky product's pop up ,however ,they may have been something that Z was looking at!....:unsure::unsure::unsure:
That reminds me of being out fixing a less tech savvy mates computer and not having the heart to tell him that the reason he kept getting those "annoying filthy sexy adds and emails", is directly connected to what he use his internet for. I bet his browser history is dirtier than my mind after a whole weekend on hard drugs among beautiful and sweaty young women in their birth suit and a little hankerchief with a string in it around their ass.
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