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Scottsdale, AZ
any one tell me what is the best fuel and mix ratio for my 29cc and 30.5cc zenoah in my fg & mcd. i read alot of different ideas and i'm lost. 25:1, 40:1, 87 oct, 97 oct syn oil, non syn oil. all my rc boats run great @ 50:1 87 oct amsiol syn. whats a newbie to do ???:( :helpsmilie:
Start out at 25:1 then you can go as lean as 32:1 after a few tanks if you would like. I would not recommend 50:1 but have not heard anyone try it with Amsoil on a air cooled motor. Some will go leaner but not I. You will not find much of a difference running 25:1 to 32:1 with Amsoil, at least I didn't. I run Amsoil Saber Pro at 25:1 with 2 years on my 260, I tried leaning to 32:1 but it makes no difference with Amsoil and these air cooled engines so I went back for piece of mind.
Here is the posting on mixes: https://www.largescaleforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=210

Have fun.:)

Amsoil chart: http://www.amsoil.com/products/twocycle/2cycle_chart.aspx
I run 32:1 Amsoil and Colman fuel and it runs great. I have an Oneill bros. 30.5cc reeded and ported. I have about 2.5 gallons through the thing and am really happy with it so far. I did run 91 octane gasoline to start but didn't have the same crisp throttle response. But then again, I started with a bad carburator. I run the same thing in my baja (27cc) and XTM buggy (23cc). They both run excellent!--nate
I've been told that it is about 55 oct. Unless there is alot of compression, the motor doesn't need alot of octane. I run it in all of my large scale rc's and my 4 stroke weedeater. It works great and you can bring the cars in the house without gasoline fumes. My wife likes it because after trimming the yard, I don't come in smelling like gas.--nate
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