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Hi guys i am new hear and hopefully my baja should turn up today:) .I am sorry if this has been asked before but did a search and nothing came up.I have heard that for the first couple of tanks run it at 30:1 and after that switch to 25:1.Is that rite?And also how do i know how much oil to mix with 5 litres of petrol?Thanks for any advice and i am praying it turns up today.
Thanks for that link.Thats brilliant.What fuel mixture would you suggest i use?My baja has just turned up and its massive.I didnt realise it was quite so big.Looks the buisness.
During break in you should use 25:1. Then after that if you feel like it you can run a little less oil. I think some guys are even running 42:1. I run 32:1 in order to have a little safety blanket.
i ve ran 25:1 since the begging with AmsOil Sabre Professoinal 100:1 oil. but im swithcing to Klotz SuperTechnoplate after the rest of this gallon is gone only because i get the klotz at 10.00/qt where the AmsOil is 3.93/pt

i will also be going to 32:1 or 40:1 so i can run one mix in both my gassers.

i will also probably switch to Camper Fuel too
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