Heiss Tuning Chassis First Run

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Well I finally got my kit together, and all I can say is WOW! This thing wil run over anything. It seems to have lost a little of the low end snap, but I haven't adjusted the needles for the DDM pipe yet. If anyone is considering getting a 4X4 kit I highly recommend you take a look at this kit. The chassis is a little thicker than average, but doesn't have any cut outs for the differental. I used the small plastic motor mount and put a spacer under my alloy large motor mount to raise it up. The dual 805's make this thing steer like a 10th scale stadium truck. I didn't care for the tank that came with the kit so I used my old one, it's a little close to the pipe but still fits fine. Here's a few pics.


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I like the look of that kit , any more pics with the body off please ,

i just fitted the kamitiro 4x4 kit to my monster beetle i hope you have as much fun:cool2: :cool2:



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Here's a few that I had before I started transferring all the parts over from my MB. How does the Kamitrio kit run? I thought about getting one but got a good deal on the Heiss kit.


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    4x4 1.jpg
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the kamitiro kit is 1/2 the price of the heiss kit , they both are very good well made kits ,

the heiss kit can use 2 speed gearing , its harder to fit the 4 plate limited slip diffs , and its a lot more weight .

the kamitiro kit , you cannot fit 2 speed , but you can fit L / S diffs . its a lot lighter

i also got a good deal on my kit so i can spend on engine upgrades / its a big improvement over 2WD its a lot faster because i can use all the power from my 29cc motor without it spinning out
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