Help Please Tire's & rim's

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Santa Fe, Texas
:helpsmilie: Well I did it, I got a set of FG/ST Tires to put on my beadlock rim's + I got the Panther PAHF105 MOLDED MONSTER TRUCK FOAM INSERTS GREEN 4 Anyway I got them setting in the Sun now to help make them more flexable. My question is has any one tried to use a Silicone spray to help it all slide on the rim's? Does it hurt anything? :confused: Thanks, FGSTBeadlock.jpg
Could always use a hair dryer to heat them up more and make them stretch. Not sure on the Silicone but cant see Armour all or tire shine hurting in a bead lock set up, just might be a pain to clean off so as to not slip back out but, you could use alcohol afterwords to clean off anything I guess.
try using water with soap to make them slip easier, ive done that in the past and had to wait after to glue them, in your case, youll be ok cause there beedlocks.
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