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How To Purge gas after run

San Diego, CA
I just finished, well almost, my first tank! Per reading I did not run till the tank was dry. How should I purge the lines? Or should I leave the has in there? Will run again in a day or two? What's the normal way of calling it a day?


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Fairfax, VA
If you want to, you can disconnect the feul line feeding your carb from the gas the primer bulb until all the gas is out of the lines and the primer bulb.....just make sure you open the gas cap BEFORE you disconnect the feul line...the tank is pressurized...also make sure the area around your feul tank gasket is clean...
But i think doing that after everytime you run the truck is kind of overkill.

You should be ok leaving the gas in the feul lines, primer buld and tank for a while.....just don't store it that way.
These are good to have if you plan on deep cleaning your truck alot. They also make engine removal easier....

also switch to tygon feul lines. They hold up way better than the stock lines that come with the truck.


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Just my 2 cents but this was part of the reason I started running race fuel. I currently only use the VP racing M100 octaine fuel. Stuff costs me 63 bucks for a 5 gallon mini barrel at my local dirt bike/atv shop. It lasts a year on average, doesn't go bad in the tank or carb, doesn't gunk up in the carb like regular gas, makes tuning very easy and on top of things you get a slight increase in power if your running a modded engine like I do. (OBR34cc) and the stuff smells awesome. It can still be run on stock motors and wont do any harm. Recomended mix is 25:1 or 28:1 depending on your tune. Might be an afordable option for some of you guys. The fact that the fuel is soo stable, affordadable, easily attainable, is the reason I will never go back to regular pump gas. If you want more info check it out at:
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