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As a Grand Opening for, we will be giving away over $250 in prizes!

This is how the give away works, the first 100 people (minus staff) to get 50 or more posts will be entered into the drawing. After the 100th person reaches 50 posts the contest will be closed, then randomly 1 person out of the 100 people will be drawn and will win the contest.

• $200 Gift Card to Daves Discount Motors (DDM)
• $50 Gift Card to Team Fast Eddy.
• One year subscription to Xtreme RC Magazine.
• One year free Supporting Membership status.
• Decals.

• No junk or spam posts - Read the site rules to see if your post is considered junk or not.
• Each person is limited to ONE account - Anyone caught trying to use more than one account will forfeit any chance of winning.

That’s it, as of now the contest is underway and will end once 100 members have 50 or more posts. Please follow site rules and enjoy the forum! If you have any questions or comments please let us know.

Don't forget to tell everyone about and this contest - the quicker we reach the contest goal the quicker someone is going to win all these prizes!

Enjoy and Good Luck!

One person will win ALL the prizes listed above!

Jeremy - you're most welcome, don't forget to tell others about!

Lets remember to keep it clean.
Its 50 PRODUCTIVE posts. WOW! Cool! Me to, aren't considered productive. This contest is to help the forum grow not to just rack up post counts.

So far, this is a great group we have. I look forward to watching it grow.

Its 50 posts not 100, so you do have a chance.

Killer contest,I just told a guy I had alot of post in two days he called me a spammer.hahahahaha now I can tell him there is a reason for it...not realy just a fun place to hang out and the people on here are great!!!!
Not open for further replies.
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