MCD Clone!

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They look very good on the pics. I think the car is good.It has alot of good stuff on, like jetpro and it looks same as mcd. Only thing i think is for trash is servos,radio and others you get in that rtr. But the chassis is very good I think.
I am thinking on maybe ordering one when I have money to compare it o my mcd.
it only runs with 1 sering servo - mcd has two - im sure you can fit nr 2 with original mcd parts -

I know that im glad for the two used on my mcd - the stering is awsome
here is the website

And here is the c/p of what I found on rcuniverse


I have a few of these machines which i imported from china to the UK but they are not branded FS RACING i meet a manufacturer at shanghai toy fair in oct 2007 he assured me that they had manufactured them i have the 2WD buggies and the 4wd monster truck i know its a copy of the MCD but is it made buy the company i meet or is it made by FS RACING? Does anyone have a website address for FS racing? Im pretty sure its made by the company i meet and possible branded as a FS RACING machine? Or have i been mislead and its the other way aroud? Any info would be good on this???

Anyway like i said a have 4 2x 2wd buggy + 2 x 4wd truck we have had them out 6 times now and and they have broke 4 out the 6 times. Firsty on the first shot within 30mins the monster truck when mental and stuck on full throttle ending up in a bush destroyed The is no fail safe on these so a stray signal or low battery can make them go full throttle ahead with no stopping it BEWARE!!!
Once i bashed the chassis plate back into shape and rebuild front end i ran a tank of gas thru without any issue on the next outing the GWS servo failed on both the truck and one of the buggies after replacing agin on the buggy with another GWS it fail again after 1hr use. The 2wd buggy only has space for one servo unlike the 4wd buggy and truck which have space for 2 like the MCD. The trucks arrived with only one servo they definately need two those wheels are big and its a must. So after purchasing 3 nice HITEC servos 1 for buggy and 2 for trucK we realised the servo hole was sligtly smaller and only Takes GWS servos another bad idea there is only 3mm difference so we filed it out and got them in since then the steering servo issue has been fine on both truck and car, might i add the other truck has ran with one GWS and hasnt failed!!!
So back on the track with 2 trucks and one buggy as the 2nd buggy has now been basterdised to death to keep the others running an expensive donor indeed but worth it for the fun factor. These things shift faster than anything ive seen are are quite well made apart from the electronics issues and some minor bad designed bits they have cut corners on from MCD.
So.......sorry am i going on a bit ahahah thought you guys might be interested before puchasing one any so after approx 4-5 hours use we started seeing play in the wheels on the truck which very quickly lead to the whole hub breaking off!!! the buggies are fine but the green monster truck wheels are really rubbish ive contacted my guy in china and they have fixed he mould and made it better the plastic was only 2mm where the wheel hub connected to the wheel you really would have to be stupid to design like this but they did.

So with 2 wheels down it meant one wheel was robbed from one truck to get the other running and the other buggy basterdised then there was 2 so out we went with 1 truck and one buggy after another tank i rolled the buggy at about 30mph it landed on its wheels but the throttle servo stuck on it then went mental flat out and rolled about another 3 times it was painfull to watch and i have it on video so will post it on you tube soon the end result was the throttle servo fail but it held up quite well considering.....The there was one we took it to show someone and fired it up in the street after a few mins again the trottle servo stuck it went on a death trip into parked car and hit the steel wheel and then there was none? When we got it home the throttle servo was burn out and frontend wasnt to bad. So after 4-5 hours we have kill all 4 of them 2 wheels destroyed 2 steering servos and 3 throttle servos various a arms etc but i must admit its been fun All in all with the following changes it is a great piece of it you can get enough off infact its took over my life for the past 2 weeks hence why im on line at 1am looking for info and better bits

So to round up the second generation i have order have these changes
1. New wheels
2. Fail safe fitted
3. New FM transmitter as first version were AM
4 Dual servo on both truck and buggy


So it looks like the ones i have are FS racing sold through a lying git at the shanghai fair who said he is manufacturing them typical chinese ive been dealing with them for 4-5 years now and they will tell you anything there are so many agents pretending to be manufacturers its real hard to trust anyone.
Anyway to answer some question the machines are awesome and me and my mates haven't ever had so much fun we really were kids with new toys for the last 2 weeks we have been obsest with these things my mate actually said he woke up at 4am in the morning and went to get a drink in kitchen and before he knew it he was fiddling with the truck hahahah (Sad i knoW but thats the effect they have) Unfortunately most of our time has been in the workshop fixing the damn things but its part in parcel of such a toy esspecially a chinese one so if you aint willing to do it then save up for MCD

I haven't seen the car yet as the guy at local go kart track is a bit of a plank so not got a track to play with them on so we went for the off road versions. I have to admit im really hashy and gave them a real test to destruction rolling them flat out crashed and bashed them into each other and apart from the electronics they held up very well, they are tuff and well made.
On a head on truck V car the 8mm tracking rod snapped before the plastic A arm in fact the arm was fine. And on the 30mph into a bush a thick one at that the chassis plate bent before any of the plastic arms so they are tough for sure, the plate is very easy to bash back so with 30mins it was as good as new minus the carbon fibre look a like coating. Obviously its part of my job to test them to destruction as need to know how good they are before i buy hundreds. Its a hard job i know

So to sum up its thumbs up as long as you are willing to get the electronics fixed but like i said we couldnt find anything that would fit into GWS holes in top plate so the HITEC 805 was the closest which needed moding to fit.
Will get the youtube video up this weekend where you can see some of the destruction

by the sounds of the read, they are alot more hassle then the cost is worth.
i don't mind saving money on an unbranded/low brand item, but when you have as many issues as it appears you have had in the short time with them, that tends to lead me ( and others ) away from them, even at 1/2 price.
The correct term for these should be 'clone of an older out of date MCD'.
The EVO2 hit the market before the fs crap came along and the EVO3 is...oops, I said nothing:nono:
Anyone seen or heard of these?Comes with engine,30cc, and pipe for $918:) MCD is $1500 for a roller,no motor or radio:no:

man you are being ripped off, check out powerslide racing's pricing, if he can sell them that cheap then surely with the value of the USD you guys can get it for similar if not cheaper than we get it... our dollar sucks compared to the euro and the USD - something doesn't add up - well it does for the US importer, adds up real quick to a porsche and a house by the beach :lol:
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I just took my MCD MT out for its first serious thrash (radio problems have plagued previous attempts).
HOLY MOLY does it haul ass! The CY29 gives wheel spin from a standing start and top speed is way faster than I expected. Corners are a dream with the 4x4 (no spinning out) and few small jumps it took with ease. The wheels stayed where they were pointed (no flexing!). I honestly expected this thing to be clumsy and slow but I was proven wrong!
Hello, im getting a FS racing buggy and I want to get a CY27, would that fit? i mean I was told that almost all 1/5 car fits 1/5 engine. But ther seller said it wont because it's for turck not buggy..
hard to say MMX. i think the FS motor is a knockoff of the Zen/CY motors. so if it is truely a knock off, it should fit.

but imho, i wouldnt use the CY27cc. i would go to the CY GP290 motor, or install a Zen G260RC. you ll be farther ahead with a better quality motor than the 27 can offer you.
Anyone seen or heard of these?Comes with engine,30cc, and pipe for $918 MCD is $1500 for a roller,no motor or radio

I have just got one of these off ebay. $660 shipped for the buggy 4x4 verson! i've run 2 tanks through it and it is awesome! totally worth the money and way cheaper then baja 5b. i'll never go back to nitro! the only thing i changed out was the cheap crap radio gear. just make sure you have a failsafe and good radio. check out the seller on ebay, engage_rc_com.
sorry i put the sellers name in wrong. its engagerc_com_usa. he sells the cars and parts. some stuff has a set price but if your patient good deals on there all the time. i looked yesterday and has 2wd buggy for $300! thats less then half the baja 5b.
sorry i put the sellers name in wrong. its engagerc_com_usa. he sells the cars and parts. some stuff has a set price but if your patient good deals on there all the time. i looked yesterday and has 2wd buggy for $300! thats less then half the baja 5b.

He also has a website

FS here in the USA

Got mine off ebay 4x4 buggy for $650 plus ship.... steel gears another $125


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sweet deal man! Thanks for the other websites, always nice to have a variety when looking for parts!:) i like your body better, the one that came with mine is red and black with white strips........kinda ugly:yuk:
FS or Cyclone are the biggest piece of crap. Bought mine from Pro5thscale as cyclone and have had nothing but bad luck.Note to Pro5thscale: Hope you are not still selling the cy----- car. The one I got from you is junk. Remember the list of problems I give you ( loose screws, broken shocks, some with no oil and much more) and now after spending more money and TIME in it it still twist to the right at full throttle. I have still not gotten an answer from you about fixing it. I guess once it is sold thats it, and good luck. I emailed you twice with no responce.

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