My new Baja1000

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Melbourne, Australia
I ordered mine form PowerSlide and I have to say the whole experience was great. Mike was a gun with answering any Q’s I had (and I had a few let me tell you) not to mention the insane delivery times (he sent it 9pm and I had it by 8:30am the next day) As a bonus he even threw in a few extra goodies so thanks mate. As I told him if it wasn’t for his support and good business practices I never would have considered buying a MCD.

If you have never got up close and personal with a Baja1000 before then your in for a surprise. I thought I’d know what to expect as I have studied every online photo and diagram the web has to offer but like they say it’s a completely different story in the flesh. Fark this thing is big!!! I thought the 5b was a monster when I opened that box for the first time but this is a whole other level. Seriously you could bath a small child in the lid of the MCD. Im beginning to wonder if they will even allow it to go on the track due to its size. Now wouldn’t that be the ultimate irony.


After I got over the shock of its size the first thing you notice is just how solid the MCD feels. People say it has too much plastic but when you actually hold one you realize just how well built these are. There is absolutely no play what so ever in the axels, arms, suspension or steering. Equally impressive is the lack of lash in the drive train, especially for a 4WD. You also receive a bag of spares including spare arms, hubs, gears and ball ends which is a welcome relief and should hopefully should see you through the odd prang or two before having to fork out more money on the thing. Not so impressive however is the lack of any tools to take the thing apart with but I guess at this level it is assumed you are already well equipped in that department. I also found the fuel cap very flimsy and reminds me more of a soft drink cap than a fuel cap but I guess that can be changed if it causes me any grief.

Finally just a couple more pics before I paint it all up. As info on these is hard to come by I am happy to answer any Q's you might have if I can so give me a yell if you have any.



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hi mate welcome to the club

first thing u might need to do is vent your tank

and don't use the supplied fuel lines they are crap get some tygon line

a 813 carb and a adjustable clutch are another couple of things to consider

and heres the latest DILLIGAF RACING VIDEO

Ordered a reed ported 26 to go in it along with an X-can. Thanks for the tip Whizzy I will be sure to vent the tank and replace the lines. Also going to use my Elcon clutch from my previous baja 5b.
How is the suspension compared to the Baja 5B - travel and plushness? I have been wanting to get a 1/5 scale r/c and I'm trying to decide between these two. Thanks for any info or review after you drive the truck!
The suspension definitely feels firmer than the Baja5b but that is without an engine or any electronics installed so with a bit more weight and a little use it might soften up a bit. Stock for stock ground clearance is about the same but unlike the 5b the MCD can be raised or lowered accordingly by using the different shock mounting positions. Both buggies have adjustable dampening but have not played with the MCD yet. Other differences is that the MCD's springs are progressive and the shock shafts are much thicker (5mm) so should hopefully be less prone to bending but with the new 5b SS kit just around the corner with better shocks this might not be an issue anymore. The 5b did however feel much plusher out of the box though.
Thanks for that info! Will the MCD have more ground clearence then the HPI with the shocks in the highest setting? When looking at the MCD in pics it looks like it has comparable room for the HPI Baja Trevor Simpson engine. What are your thoughts on this? I think that a MCD with this engine would just awesome. Be sure to post a review after you drive it! Again thanks!!
the trevor simpson engine will not fit i have one and ahad to put it on my fg baja awsome engine but the reason it wont fit is because you have to mill away the engine so it clears the drive shaft and the bottom crank bolt is in the way and you cant get enough off for it to clear the shaft i have emailed trevor simpson 5 times asking is he going to make an engine to fit but with no reply not very good service really but a good engine
Worked my butt off these past 2 days trying to finish my Baja shell. Heaps of masking, cursing and 5 rattle cans later its finally done. Pretty happy with it especially seeing its my very first paint job involving more than one

Heres the work in progress...



Fortifying the inside with a whole tube of shoe goo...


And heres how it turned out



Also made up an inner shell of sorts to help keep crap from coming in as the Baja lid doesn't seal as well as the Race Runner. Easily removable as its held in place using two velcro strips.


Thats a very nice truck you have there. I have one as well & they are awesome vehicles ! I'll leave a link to some youtube videos of us running. We have got a Trevor Simpson engine in one. It does take some work, but all engines going in an MCD require a bit of modification.

Mine is the silver with blue flames. It has a 29cc with Jetpro.
Would be a good idea to fit a throttle return spring before you run it :)
I just took the MCD MT out for its first quick test run up and down the street. Went great for a few minutes and I was starting to give its squirts of full throttle then the beast shot off at full boar, heading straight for the neighbours front yard with about 4 cars parked in the driveway :helpsmilie: luckily something upset it and it ended up upside down reving its tits off. Seems the brand new throttle servo is dead. The jetpro pipe took the impact is now somewhat out of shape.
On a positive note the MT was dam impressive during the brief maiden run, very quick considering the size and weight of it. Looking forward to running it again (with a failsafe and return spring fitted :sleep: ) and unleashing the 29's full potential.
hi the stock linkage is the worst thing about the mcd we changed and put an fg linkage on due to the fact ours were stickin being caused by the rod being nicked by the metal holder
the servo failure could be cause by your EPA not being set right
the other thing to invest in is a remote killswitch for your engine means you can cut the engine from your handset but most important if u lose radio signal it cuts the engine too

pic of new linkage

Yeah the throttle linkage is something i am going to change before its first run.

Installed my servos, figured out my battery location and vented the tank today as well as knocking up a gear protector out of some scrap lexan. Why it doesn't come with any gear protection is beyond me.



it doesn't come with a gear protector cause anything that has been tried melts the gears because there isnt a flow of air to keep them cool hence why we don't run a cover and im still on my original set of gears
I doubt the linkage caused my runaway, the servo was brand new (the whole truck was actually) and there was definately no EPA issues, linkage wasnt even giving me full throttle (new engine so not important) I was going to adjust it all later. Only had about 2 minutes running when it happened. The servo appears to be dead so it would seem it was a bad servo that caused it. I know I shouldn't run without a failsafe but I just wanted a quick run :2guns:
well it happened to bad obsession on here his runaway was caused by epa on the spektrum being that with the spektrum u have to reset your failsafe when you reset your end points if not the end points remain the same in the failsafe causing the dervo to fail causing runaway and his whole truck was brand new too

and your linkage will jam and cause the car to runaway it happened to my brother cause the mcd linkage is pants everyone that i know has done some kind of throttle linkage mod so it is a definate mod to do and so is the remote kill switch

and no moa the venting of the tank does help it stops it cutting out at half tank too if u have hd this problem simply frill a hole in your cap and stick a piece of fuel tubing in it and attach the tubing to your frame and place it in an area that the excess fuel if it runs out run onto the car instead of into the car
there a few Scotts on HBF that may want to come check out the track.
Got a web addy i can pass along?
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