New servo.

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hello guys.

i was thinking about changing my steer servo ( dunno its name but its a hitech that came with the rtr mb pro) to this here:

KO-PROPO 30033 its a servo that sais its for largescale with 21kg turnpower. speed is 0.2 with all metal gears and its digital.

do anyone have it? or know if its any good? will it turn the weels while the truck is standing still?

Thanx / Gus
id also look at the multiplex range

i think the only servo that will turn wheels on the ground standing still is the tonegawa
you may be a bit better off with the Rhino from Multiplex. it should have the desired torque to turn the wheels at idle. the Tonegawa should do it easily. but its twice the cost of the Rhino if im not mistaken, but a Gr8 Servo, just to rich for my blood.
well i got a tonegawa with my leopard when i bought before that i wouldnt have spent the money on one but now i have been running one i would definately buy another but i do own a rhino on my hydros and they are great servos too plus the tonegawa and rhinos u can send away to get repaired if the break
thanx guys.

any idear where i can have a look at a rhino. somewhere that ships to sweden?
that looks like a nice servo but i have a few questions though.

Will it fit directly into my stock servo plate thingie, the plastic one in the FG MB?

will it require a seperat powecell?

also, would the stock steerservo work better as a throttle/brake servo than the small one thats in there now (stock ofc)

and if so would it brake better than the small one? :D

thanx guys

/ Gus
wont require seperate power and u can get servo reducers if needed

don't think it would brake better depends on your brake set up
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