out with the old .

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sold the leopard (gutted at having to get rid) but to many toys big and small

but got one of ,,,,,,,,
just getting the rest of the stuff gathered up(engine ,servos,pipe )
shell getting painted as of now.
so watch for new pics.

i was such a dork and stared at it for an hour in wounder when i got my baja, i think youll like yours just as much as i do. have fun my friend. If ya paint it to have the colors of a scottish kilt that would be diffrent, j/k
thanks lads have the engine 28.5cc stuffed and stroked with a jet-pro pipe
the baja is going to be yellow (fav colour and all )
will post some pics up when more to show.
servos haven't turned up so might not be out to play at the weekend .
have you seen the vid of whizzys baja 1000 on the sand ,
and this was its first day out .
hi all servos have turned up so got the engine mod done tonight and fitted the engine and pipe it is looking good for a run out on sunday :cool2:
will keep you all posted .
well howd it go badob??,on your first session. i put in my servos and and some of my electronics on my baja this morning with a 4 weekold strapped to my chest, ill send pics soon!
it ran ok as i ran my fg baja with him the shield works well as we have them on mine and brothers but also found that running a strip of velcro up either side and on the shell helps even better as for the throttle linkage its rubbish you will find this out when u have to chase it to stop it as it notchs and sticks i have done a mod to mine and brothers and looks like this

also heard today that mcd are working on limited slip diffs which should be worth a look but out the box these cars are very good and well built just the few things u need to sort
also i have changed from castrol tts to klotz super techniplate and find the engines to run better and rev more consistent at idle
also i have changed from castrol tts to klotz super techniplate and find the engines to run better and rev more consistent at idle[/QUOTE]

well as you see from whizzys post it all went very well
it is now officially ran in and next time out it will get thrashed
(expect to see some damage)
could rave about it all day WHAT A BUGGY TO DRIVE
the new oil is working well engine idles like a dream .

the guard works well but still got a tone of grass up inside the shell
at one point i was concerned it might catch fire as it was packed all around
the engine and the hot pipe.
it is just carbon fiber stick on tape as i did not like the look of the red .
as whizzy has mentioned i put mine on with Velcro rather than bolting it
i can remove and refit in seconds.

get some pics up lol.
i took a RR body under my shell, i will let you know how it works, in probably 2 years, it will take that long for me to get mine done!!!!
well some bad news.
week past sunday we (DILLIGAF RACING ) where looking forward to the first run out with all 3 baja mcd 1000 s at the beach park
mine was first out and as usual started first pull
only thing was as i revved it up it shot off and went full tilt it to a pole.
any way damage was all to the front , lucky the shell was not damaged
man these things are built well .
turned out the servo had failed and went to full and did not return the fail safe had no affect .
GOOD NEWS is its all fixed had to strip it all down and bash the chassis flat
so i treated it to a new set of wheels .

almost back up and running just not taking it back out till i get a kill switch
fitted .

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