SANDBASH 2007!!!! alberta canada!!! oct 14th

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ok guys. i have found the venue. it is about 45 minutes outside of edmonton. lots and lots of sand. hills, trails, flats and even a sand bowl! i have semi picked a day. pretty much firm but if needed we can change the date as long as it means more guys out to run. 12:00pm till we all break or it gets dark. (bring all your spares and gear etc...) October 13 2007. it is a sunday. should still be warm and no snow. any rc'er is welcome. nitro's, electrics, gassers etc... food/drinks will be provided free of charge. sponsored by Adam's Plumbing, Heating & A/C. i will BBQ if i can find someone to bring out a small bbq. mine wont fit into my van. anyway i know of 3 guys that will be there for sure and i know more will come out once i post up some more on other sites. my goal is to have at least 25 guys burning around in the sand. paddles will be the tire of choice but anything will work i'm sure. come out one and all and have one last big blast before the snow flies!!!

and a special announcment!!!!!! once we have 10 confirmed rc'ers comming i will post up the prize draw!!!! you wont want to miss this!!!!
hey guys. we have our first sponsor!!!

RAMTech rc will be sending some items up for giveaway at this event. a huge thanks to Rob.

as well if any other manufacturers or hobby shops want to donate please contact me. rest assured the parts etc.. will go to attendees. as some may know, i have everything already!!!lol.

uuuummmmm. pics!


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mmmmmoooorrrreeeee pics!!!!!!!


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hey guys. i looked at the wrong year for the calender. the date is

SUNDAY OCTOBER 14th 2007 at 12 noon.

i apologize for the mistake. please tell anybody you know that was planning on attending of the revised date.
is anybody from here comming? it will help with the couple of sponsors waiting to see what turn out is like before they agree to send some items. as well please post up so i know how much food/drinks to bring.
This wont help but - If I where close I'd be there!

Good luck looks and sounds like it will be a last. Don't forget footage so we can feel even worse about missing.:cool2:
it is only a short plane ride. lol. starting to really shape up as quite the event for short notice and all. about 25 confirmed drivers and 3 sponsors for sure. waiting for confirmation froma couple of other potential sponsors. and if anybody else does want to sponsor please conatct me asap. i am doing up some flyers for local distribution and wouldnt want to leave anybody out. thanks

hey another sponsor announcment....

Baja Skins is now sending up some items for giveaway at the event.

thanks Bob. you have mail.

sponsors so far-

Adam's Plumbing,Heating & A/C 780-554-2018
RAMTech rc
Brightside Hobbies 780-939-4910
Baja Skins. more skin is sexier!!!!

a big THANKS! to all our current sponsors.

and if you would like to sponsor this event feel free to contact me.

hey guys. another sponsor has come on board. a big thanks to Dave from Turtle Racing for offering up some items. woo hoo. this is getting better and better
hey guys guess what. another sponsor! Corwin from Hobby Alley in edmonton has donated some items for the giveaways. Thanks Corwin. looking to be a big event even witrh the short notice. i wonder whats going to happen next
ohoh. we have another sponsor to add. thanks goes out to john at modified rc for throwing iin some items with my order. much appreciated.
well guys looks like we have all of our sponsors in line. so come on out, bring an rc and have some fun and get some free stuff at the same time. as well i have tried to make my own flyer but to no luck. not very computer if somebody has some free time and is willing to do it please let me know. thanks

hey guys. more sponsors!!!!

a QUICK thanks to thanks ed.

anyway i don't think i have missed anyone. i will be posting up a complete list of sponsors etc... once i ensure no -one has been left out. woo hoo. lets burn some gas.
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