Smoking Bergonzoni

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Hey guys, Just finished rebuilding my Berg, starts right up but smokes like a 75year old prostitute. :badair:

Running 40:1, 93 Octane, Echo Power Blend oil. Got the engine from Eric at GBdirect, here in Florida...Any advice to keep me from dying of Carbon Monoxide after startup?

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i would deffinatly use a better quality oil!

not all oils are created equal, and some smoke like a female dog, regardless of mix ratio

i ran AmsOil Professional Saber in my Bergs at 40:1, almost no smoke and excellent lube properties.

easy to see if its was just the oil by trying a new one. like AmsOil, or Klots or BelRey R50 i think it is.

nice thing about the Amsoil is you can buy it by the pint too.
I would agree with changing oil out to a better brand. I use Amsoil Saber Pro at 25:1 and get some smoke, but thats due to the 25:1 mix I use with it and after warm up and WOT it goes away.
Thanks, I knew i could count on you guys.... Where the heck do i get these Amsoil/Klotz products ? What ratio should i run with the change? Since Boss/Tech Motors are becoming extinct, I'd like to baby it for as long as possible.
per the Berg factory mix is recommended at 50:1, though i run mine at 40:1.

alot of small engine shops sell the AmsOil.
also hit up any motorsports store, they ll have a good choice.
klotz, Bel Rey.
just tell them your looking for a high quality synthetic 2 cycle oil, NON MARINE grade.
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