Solo to Zenoah swap?

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W.Yorks, UK
I just picked up a FG Evo4 chassis with a Solo engine fitted. Will a Zenoah 230 drop straight in as a replacement? do I need anything like different mounts etc?
im not positive, but i think its a direct swap out. but if there is any differances, its probably the motor mounts.
I have both engines. I know I had a problem with the pull start in my Marder and I was going to swap things around and the pull start setup was different, the carb/intake was different (solo is in my on road semi) but I never got to motor mounts as the carb linkage would have needed a big change as I couldn't get them lined up. I was at the track and had the semi along to show my buds.
What you need is New Engine mounts and a new clutch.

For some clutches you just need to replace the clutch holder/plate with one for the Zenoah.
For the FG EVO04 you only need a new Clutch mount plate, as the Solo uses a different type of clutch mount plate. (Threaded where the Zenoah is Conical)
another FYI, i was on a usa rc site the other day and they had SOLO parts in stock! i don't remember who it was but it was one of the players. big boys, largescalerc ect.. someone had a page with solo motor parts, or it may only of been a parts sheet. i was surprised i seen it.
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