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Chandler, AZ
The move is still progressing. Slower than they thought, but still moving along. Should be up tonight or in the morning.
Ya me to I finally got around to that windsheild I have been wanting to make .

edit=Ok what happend to the post between mine.Now it looks like im talking to my self lol.I do sometimes lol.
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This reminds me of a good old song........... You Don't Know What You've Got ----Till It's Gone.........:crying: :crying: :crying: I think I may cry...
Got the day off and no HBF. Wife is calling me a grumpy and its only just lunch time. Lol wait till its the afternoon and still no HBF.
Thank the lord I found you guys lol, got up this morning, no HBF and about fell over. Thanks for the update Rob. Will hang around here for a bit....

Later guys...

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