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This has been an idea of mine for a long time to do an RC car in this color, just like the Yamaha colors that I always liked. I suck at painting, but I took my time with this one and I think it came out alright. I also got the samba pipe and some better looking wheels and tires.
Let me know what you all think.






That blue and white scheme came up looking really good. I like it. A white wing would really set it off though (which I know your already are planning to do) along with a few Yamaha decals and your done :cool2:

Never realised how wide those evo's are compared to the old model. You will never traction roll that baby!

Compare the two below:



Those wheel nuts are very bling. Where did you get those? Good to see the Samba installed as well.
Thanks Mono,
Those wheel nuts are what came with the Evo 2. They are kinda cool because they have a small set screw in them so the nut doesn't come out. I think the reason it sits wider is because of the wheels to tell you the truth. Because with the ugly red wheels it sat just as narrow as the picture you put up. BTW: those are duratrax wheels and tires $60 at my LHS not bad!!
Oh ok. MCD have obviously changed the wheel offset to compensate for the longer arms so this must be the new steering geometry they have been talking about.

Personally I find that a bit crappy as it means you are forced to use their wheels in order to take advantage of the new design. I agree, im also not a fan of the new wheel design (although I do like it in the smaller rally version)

When you planning on taking it out for a run zouz?
Looks awesome dude! I reckon it looks wider too, might just be the rims or the way the RR in the second photo is angled but those front cvd's look longer to me.
the evo is about an extra 25 mm wider each side than the standard rr i believe it is to give something similar in stance to the wide boy kit for the leopard for better stability and handling
and guys if u looking for vinyl cut graphics like the yamaha logo etc i got my own vinyl cutter just give me a shout if you guys need anything
Guys, I posted this thread last night and had a little too much to drink!! LOL. You are right though it is wider OMG how could I have missed that. The lower A-arm is obviously longer and the upper one comes out more as well. Sorry! ;)

I will try to get it out this weekend but I still have little details to get done. Plus I ordered an Elcon clutch and a few other goodies from DDM and they should arrive Monday. I reckon it won't be seeing the dirt until mid next week :(

Thanks for the info and I will eventually take you up on that offer. Even if not for this car, I might need some vinyl for my real car.

So would you guys keep the red rose joints or change them for blue or fluorescent green ones?
I was gonna mention this, why not dye all the plastic black? You won't really notice them then, you'd only be left with the springs (easy to strip) and the top of the shocks
they do say the red ones are the strongest and harder wearing ones but i suppose it comes down to aq bit of personal preference
Will the springs rust once stripped? Would I use Drano like to strip the HPI Baja anodizing off? After I do this should I put something on the springs or leave them raw?

The rose joints don't bother me as much as before, when I had those red wheels on!! I can buy them in black pretty cheap like $12 for a pack of 6 so when one or 2 break, I will replace them all with black ones.

You are probably right the red ones look beefier than the black FG ones, maybe it is something in the batch of plastic!
My medium springs for the rear came in bare metal, can't see why not. Or just respray them every now and again in whatever colour you want.

Personally I'm swapping to FG rose joints, these MCD ones aren't doin it for me
Do you have a link for the FG rose joints, I know it is stupid to ask but I can't seem to find any!!
I think I might eventually skip the plastic and get some alloy ones. I think they'll hold up pretty well.
On the new EVO version the front drive system has went back to a dog bone style drive. No more CVD. The reason we have been told is the drastic turning angles, due to the longer suspension. I agree on the wheels, they are not what I would like & should come in more than the one style. BUT if you give this baby a drive with them you will be amazed on how it handles. The turning is awesome with them !!! Check this out ...

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Nice RR, I like the paint job.

That vid is cool. That is amazing gasser.
I will be getting a Baja 1000 this coming summer, oh yes I will.
Thanks Tig,
I just finished the electronics and the little details last night and will fire it up in the next day or 2. Wish me luck
Installed my Samba pipe last night and took it out for a quick spin. First impressions was the pipe has a cool raspy/crackly sound at idle but is surprisingly quiet at full noise. So quiet in fact there were a few times on the grass oval where I thought the engine had stalled when it was in the distance cos I could no longer hear it :eek:

Power wise it is an improvement over the X-can but not a "oh my god" type experience. This is on a reed ported zen 26 with less than a gallon through it so I expect power to improve as time goes by. The power band does feel nice and smooth though which will definitely help down on the track.

My only criticisms are with the packaging as the pipe and header are not protected well enough and can rub together during shipping. Mine has a few rub marks on it but am not overly concerned. Its not what I consider a bling item anyway. Another is the spring that holds the two pieces together. Some how I managed to loose mine on 20 mins of flat grass running. It must have popped off at some point (don't ask me how) so will have to find a replacement. For the price you would thing they could provide you with a spare spring and a couple of extra o-rings.

Overall, although I could have bought a new engine for the price I paid for the Samba I am quite happy with it. It is well built, fits nicely into the buggy makes good power and is quiet.

Unfortunately my day was cut short by a front CVD pin coming loose which grinded out the front steering hub and then snapped locking the front wheel solid. Luckily MCD are thoughtful enough to provide a couple of spares so am good to go again. Maybe that’s another reason why MCD went back to dog bones on the Evo version.
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Thanks Tig,
I just finished the electronics and the little details last night and will fire it up in the next day or 2. Wish me luck

Any time. I'll keep my fingers crossed for yah ;). I don't know how you can wait, it would drive me nuts knowing its ready to go.
Good Luck, keep us updated.

The Baja is definately the gasser. Well the RR is to. Man, I cant wait till summer.

Lets see the new pipe installed. OOOHHHH a Reed motor :drool: . Is it from DDM?
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