8,000 rpm clutch

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there are pretty much standard just make sure its a 54mm clutch. the cy(hpi) shoes are supposed to be inferior to the zenoahs. the only difference is the materials used in the mfg.
The FG cars run Zenoah engines and they have 6mm holes for mounting the clutch shoes.
The Baja runs a CY engine and they use 8mm holes to mount the clutches.

You could always buy a CY clutch plate, 2 bolts and 4 washers then use the CY shoes.

The Zenoah clutches are no better that the CY ones anyway.

Just my 2 cents
sure can .. or bite the bullet and by a adjustable clutch 3 or 4 shoe clutch DDM has a good amount there

Thats some good advice right there, the elcon 4 shoe clutch is the best "it's probably the only Elcon item you can instal without changing half the car also".
How hard are they to set up, do you have to remove the clutch bell every time you need to adjust or can they be adjusted externally.

I have never set one up but you would have to remove the bell to make adjustments, a lot of guys love them and I think there are two types of springs... on road / off road.

Possibly someone who has set one up can provide more detail but I hear they are a good thing!
yes unless you have a tuning clutch bell , it will have one tiny hole on it too make adjustments that again is money well spent because you can really tweak the clutch to your machine perfect . but again more money ! unless it doesn't bother you removing the motor and carrier to tweak it , but there are basic settings too get you running around the areas of clutch engagement .
sorry to throw a wrench into your ideas
Good Luck
No, I like to get things stuck in my gears especially wrenches. LOL I just ordered a the HPI 8000rpm springs 2 in the set for $8.00 I will definetly be upgrading the clutch when it starts to get worn out, and the 4 shoe and tuning clutch bell sounds like a great idea, thanks cyclops1970--its because of people like you I can't sleep at night. :lol: its all good though.
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