DBXL Did I make a mistake ordering a DBXL


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Denver, USA
Yeah his been going on for a good few months now..:rolleyes:.well prob longer tbh..:rolleyes:..ffs...:ROFLMAO:.can't live eith em:mad:...can't live wirh out em:rolleyes:...:ROFLMAO:
Ouch! Sorry to hear this.

The States have their own issues with a carrot running the show.

Back OT - I would just wait and get what you really want!


I would say this, If your goal is to have fun with a 1/5 scale machine, than any one you order will be fun. If I had to start over again, I would buy any gas 1/5. I have put a lot of money and time into a DBXL, but I still love it. It will be given to my son when he is old enough. For now I am focusing on building up a 5t from scratch and many others. That is I am not buying an already built Kit ever again, I am ordering every part of the car and building it with aftermarket parts. I am hoping that I am happier with my car doing it this way, and it will actually when all is said and done be cheaper this way because I got all the quality parts I wanted. I can say it is most rewarding when successful, knowing you can now rebuild all Weedeaters and take care of your own machines for life. In the end the knowledge learned from small engines is invaluable.