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Hello all. :cool: If you have one of these Fine Large Scale RCs by Bergonzoni/Dynamic, then you Found a Home to discuss it. While these are not very prevalent here in the USA, they are very prevalent on the European Market, and are ranked among the likes of Harm and Lauderbacher.

out of all the L/S RCs out there, Bergonzoni imo, do a few things differently that I really like. formost, the Boss 23cc Reed Case Motor.
for a small bore and stroke of this motor, putting out 3.4 hp at 17,000RPM is pretty good for a stock motor without pipe.

If your unsure of the Bergonzoni line or 1/5 scale RCs, you can follow this link.
the site is in Italy, and IS IN ITALAIN. but you can navigate yourself around a bit as its not TOO HARD.


I ll post later about my Bergonzoni Brave Compitition, and the mods i have done to it so far. This is the orignal Brave, and at one time in Bergonzonis History, i believe it was once a flagship model long before the Bull.

Im about to pull the trigger and buy the Dynamic F1.
anyways. lets hear about and see yours
Timmahh how will you be getting yours? order online(the f1 that is). im now looking for an onroad to race at the local track. hows the durability of the bergonzoni (Italian must be good)

sorry if theis is veering away from the subject.
honestly i haven't had alot of time to run it due to the first engine having an issue. but i have a new motor in it and almost a foot of snow. parts are a bit hard to get, but all in all, its pretty similar to the older fg onroads as the one i have is one of the first run braves. the brave 2 is much more like a high end sprts line and the bull if more like the sx3 from harm or the fg evo. very high end and costy.

as far as durability, im going on your saying about Italian and design and durability. plus no place to "race" makes me a basher, but im hopeing to chage that in the next year in my area.

i ll be getting mine from a guy in the us.
heres a pic first lid on, and then lid off.




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and the Boss 23cc Reed Case motor



A Goodie to have for the motors!

ok, more later.

Woodie, If these pix are too large, is there a way to resize them form our cp? or no?
to date im only parking lot racing myself so no "sponsors" to speak off. i had to redo the motor last fall and have yet been able to run it since. soon i hope.
if i start racing i ll use a different body, as i m thinking of takeing this one to the next level of scale. adding dimmable headlights, tail/brakelights and running/blinker lights as well as making scale type door handles and makeing the rear hatch with the ability to lift up like the real porche. plus that will allow access to not only start the car with body on, but also allow room for easier refueling and air filter cleaning.
Thanx for the comments. i too like the look. i think i m gonna do my Baja 5B body like it so they match to a point.
I recently purchased a Bergonzoni Brave 2 off of ebay. I don't think it had ever been run before, I got it for 450.00. I am using a Spektrum 3.0 controller, hitec 645mg for throttle and rear disc brakes, a towerpro 1/4 scale servo for my steering and a hitec 700BB for the front disc brakes. I will try to get some pictures over the next couple of days. I have only gotten to run the car once before I tore it down and put front and rear cable brakes on, side bars and alloy front uprights. Hope to have some great berg conversations with you guys in the future. I have been using rcuniverse but I am so sick of reading about the FG's and HPI's no offense if anyone owns one. Talk to you guys later.
Hey Grif its Timmahh aka SBGasser from RCUpchuck. looking forward to seeing some of the pics. where you get your upgrades from?
I got the front and rear discs from eric at gbdirect and I got the rest of the parts from this guy glen I met off the rcuniverse site. The first time I drove the car I stripped the spur gear so glen was kind enough to sell me one of his spares. The guy in florida who sells the f1 cars has some 47t spur gears but i don't know if they would of worked or not.
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What air filter are guys running on your cars? Are you still using the stock foam filter or have you gone to an aftermarket one? If you have gone to aftermarket did you have to make any mods to make it work?
i should of been more clear. how many teeth on teh stock spur? i never checked. not sure if i have a PDF manual i ll look and see if i can find one. Fast Eddy has Manuals on his site. he MAY have a Berg manual if we re lucky.

for airfilter, i was concerned being my area is HIGH DIRT/DUST. i wasnt fond at all with the microphone wind cover as the only thing to keep the air coming into the motor clean. so what i did was this

bought a stock full air filter assembly for the baja. removed the stock velocity stack on the berg, and replace it with the baja one, and then the baja prefilter holder and properly oiled prefilter, then covered it with a TGN RedNeck, and then covered that with an Outwears filter bag. i KNOW i wont get anythign in my motor but fuel mix/and clean fresh air. only draw back atm is no choke plate now. with shouldnt be a worry, as the filter is easily accessable to remove and choke by hand to get it started.

it JUST fits under the porche shell. i think i ll be doing the Shorty Mod to the stock air filter to get a bit of room, but i may leave it as it does fit without major problems. i have yet to run with the new boss motor or new airfilter setup. still got 7 or 8 inches of snow on the ground.
The stock teeth on the spur gear is 42 so I guess if wanted to spin the wheels even more than they already do I could go with the 47T from GBF1.

I am not to fond of the stock microphone style airfilter even though i run in clean parking lot environment I still don't trust it with the cost of parts for the boss engine. But I think if anything does go wrong with the boss i will probably get the zen mounting kit and use a zenoah but hopefully the boss will last me a year or so.
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