Keep throwing the tires off beadlocks.

Bryan K.

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Richmond Hill, Ontario
I was fortunate enough never to have to experience using the stock DBXL tires. I started with Proline Trenchers from the get go.

BTW, I also had balance issues when I ran tape inside the tires. Eventually they peel and bunch up on one side causing uneven tire wear and balance issues. I haven't tried the tape method on my DBXL yet, I don't feel like it's an issue with 4WD. On my Baja I could never get tape to work properly on my wheels. I just live with demolished foams as a reality of RWD RCing.

I find the easiest way to rip tires off a bead lock is to give it throttle on grass while the car is sliding. That'll put a crap load of stress on the bead locks. I think it's driving style more than anything. Power sliding and drifting should be kept to short grass or dirt/gravel surfaces.