Redcat rampage wheels

I wouldnt even want to get within 100 feet of one, even if I got paid to do so. Probably gunna get Ebola or some shit
He got sick of it and told me take take it... I was like nah I don’t want it bro. He was like just take it and see what u can do. He bought a 9.4 34 reed for it n stuff. It’s a big pile of 💩 I know, but I’ll see. Maybe with some luck I can make it just ok. It’s got a couple upgrades to it. I plan to put very little $ into it.
Probably gunna get Ebola or some shit
I will get some kind of virus that makes me go around buying clone parts and defending them all over here and fb


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The Rock QLD Aus
The mod I am talking of is on the rampage MT I am getting this summer

If you want to go to 24mm hexes on the MT just buy Rovan or KM hexes.
They fit straight on and don't need modding.
About $4 each on ebay.
I run em on my Dunerunners.
Redcat aren't bad once you get em sorted. (y)


I have had my Rampage XB from 2013 and its the first since purchase that I am having an issue with it. It has served me well throughout owning it. I changed the engine to 36cc Rovan and I am good. The only reason I am having this challenge is because I don't understand much about the wheel adapters and how they are sized, otherwise I would have modified something to change the wheels by now.
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