The end of 2019 RC fun.


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Yup, me too. Got hit with an early Dec 8" of snow, and another 8-12" predicted tonight ! Wish i was in better health this past fall , didnt have many opportunities to bash my Rovan . Looking foward to a healthier 2020 !πŸ‘

How big is that icicle?....... :unsure:


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I love winter bashing. Jumps are easy to make. RC’s are always clean.
I agree, only issue is I destroy anything plastic. I would break something every run so kinda gave up on it.
I wish it was snowing here
95F at 7am
Too hot to go outside and play til summer is over.
I don't do well over 90Β°. Got a bad case of heat stroke in Kuwait and ever since then I get nauseous when its that warm. Luckily its rare to see those temps in New England