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Nah, too little I think.... new schedule has me frazzled a bit. Job is awesome. Sucks being the low man again, but the work is relatively easy. Tired as heck... still got a lot of work to get done before winter sets in. Did the brakes on the rear of the wifes car, she grabbed the kids on her way home, sarah got a gold star for the week, wife said her teacher told her sarah was the most well behaved child this week, and very helpful. Finished the car up, and took them out to eat. Sarah's favorite, texas roadhouse. Other then being slow as fek, was a good evening. Then I found out tomorrow I have to get her car inspected, drop off my uncles truck, and pick up my expedition from the alignment shop. Then to top that the wife told me, "oh by the way I volunteered you to pick up my sisters car Friday night." FFS. It's our co owned rx8 that shes sat and left go to shite. Now I need to run an hour and a half away to pick It up, drop it off at my sil house, with the kids. And i bet money the fricken thing wont start. Oh yeah and i still have to finish wood for the season, and put 2 new tires on my truck yet this week, and still make it to work this weekend πŸ™„. I'm busy... shorter vids mate πŸ˜‰πŸ˜†


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Just wanted to see what would happenπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ I have had a guy put in an offer of $1250 USD + shipping.......not sure just testing the water
Ok, I have been considering doing the same to get a complete big bore motor and pipe since there so expensive. Might have to sacrifice 2 cars for it. Or just be content. What a adult word content lol
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