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BZM anyone got the straight dope


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@Bill. There are too many good local tuners of two strokes over here for any brand to dominate in the way that OBR seems to do in the US, I reckon. Our local tuning hero is Paul Milligan. There is Odd in the UK and a few more I cant drop off the top of my head. People to whom you can give your standard engine and get a racing breed one back in return for a few coppers.


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Portland, Oregon
Yeah, Large scale was pretty niche in the States when the Baja came out. But EU guys had already been running MCDs and FGs for a long ass time. The US market for large scale just never really exploded enough to be sustainable for a bunch of new tuners to get established.

OBR and ESP were already up and running in the scooter market when the Baja dropped, so they were in a position to dominate. Everyone else had to play catch up. There were a couple guys working on it, but I just don't think the market stayed strong enough for them to turn it into a full time gig.