Fg F1 car

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I know somebody else out there has one of these besides me. I have a Fg f1 car it has a tone of hop ups and is a blast to drive. you could not ask for a better on road car.
Are you planning to come out for any of the NATC series with that bad boy?

Also Homestead raceway in Miami end of March is having a gear head weekend featuring 1:5 scale F1 you can drive that car in front of 35,000 people!
I have no plans yet of comming ot to NATC series yet. My f1 is still a work in progress i just got a whole bunch of hop-ups carbon fiber and alluminum stuff i need to still put on and I am also still trying to figure out how and were to mount my Nomadio speed sensor. I had a compitition long chassis sportsline and it was nice, but nothing compares to the F1. Sorry I have no pics yet.
FROGGY!!! ME LIKEs. you know thats a RACE RICH enviroment when your rolling 3500.00 in TOY down the side of a track at 50.
i may have made a deal for an FG F1. will know more tomorrow.
i was looking to get the Bergonzoni F1, but this deal is too good to pass up.
if it goes thru, i should have pics next week.
Really. Issues with it? i couldnt find alot of info on them. Larrys Performance RC in Detroit has one but i haven't went to look at it, Dets abit over 2 hrs.
I am pretty sure i ll be getting the FG F1. i have to hear back from the seller and set up the payment/shipping info but i accepted his sale offer for the amount he is asking. so now it should be just a matter of details.

Do you care to explain some of the problems on the Berg F1s? being im not familiar with them as far as durability ect.
It is like a bad PAN car... Flex all over the place, no real set up you can do not the same scale as all the other F1s out there (smaller) the body is really, really had to mount just good for a toy not a racer.
an Upgraded sportsline. we ll see, the seller is a bit less than spectacular on contact and info. i got an email back from him last night and returned it with my shipping information. we ll see what happens from there. if i don't hear back from him, then i ll assume hes not all that interested in selling, or is phishing for numbers and he wont get any.

he originally replied for my request for additional pix and sent 4 more shots. so its hurry up and wait. he better hurry up or my moneys gonna be gone on baja parts.lol
Do you mind telling me how much you'd be buyin it for? I think I'd have to buy used as well. $2400 for the comp is just too much.

Edit: The air intake on the comp is flat out awesome..just like the real thing.
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lol, you can find the tires cheaper if you look around. as far as price, i don't want to say yet, mostly cuz its still up in the air. i spoke to the seller monday via email, and said lets do it. so now im just waiting to hear back from him or the shipping company to say they have it and give me the details of getting it here. wont know for sure, but i will say its less than the price of a new stock f1 sportsline, has 4wd cable brakes, upgraded motor/ air cleaner, another set of rims/tires, and some other goodies, and has only been ran 4 times. so heres hoping its legit, and things are in the works as far as me getting it.

fyi you can get the sportsline F1 for 1300.00 no elects or body/wings in some cases. then toss in a couple hundred in servos/2nd rxs, and a body and piant job and you set..

i ve seen tires/rims for about the same price as a pair of baja tires. sure they re not PMTs or the like, but im not on a Track, YET!. lol
Thanks for the info.

I wonder how long a set of PMT's would last...depends a lot on conditions I know.

If i go the sportline route...I'd send the 26 to Doug and let him work his magic. And a reed to boot.
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