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The Japanese Video by FUTABA 7PX-R Designer is Subtitled.

I assumed that we all Read English. Sorry my BAD

Anyways, the Designer Summarizes on the Improvement Rationale/BEST Features of the NEW FUTABA Flagship 7PX-R. Details are in Japanese for Japan Market. I have not yet come across, a Presentation by Futaba USA in English or Other languages. Oh yeah, FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH my NEW FUTABA 7PX-R menu is in English. If you require other Language, LMK so I can check, and REVERT Here.

Anyways, I was thinking that perhaps it can help those seriously considering/evaluating if the NEW 7PX-R is worthy the Money, especially if he/she is upgrading form a 7PX or 7PX Limited Edition.

Thanks for your Patience and Interest. Please Consider Watching if you are evaluating/seriously considering purchasing the NEW Futaba 7PX-R. Cheers!
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If you don't enable CC, you only get Japanese captions. It's not readily apparent to everyone.

Here's the synopsis of the Video:

Lighter by about 12 grams
Uses red 7075 screws on the upper half
Red default backlight instead of a blue one (you can still change the color)
Slightly modified main control buttons.
Slightly taller trim buttons, making trim during driving easier
Has carbon embedded in the wheel housing instead of aluminum
Has slightly less wobble here and there(?)
Apparently the use of Carbon makes it easier to hold(?)
Redesigned trigger and brake lever
Includes 5 degree steering wheel angle adapter
Includes a 17mm steering wheel offset adapter instead of the old 25mm (The bit that lowers the wheel)
IU is more "Playful" including live visualization of throttle opening percentage. I think this is actually the most useful part for a gasser.
Can change UI background color

Not making any judgements one way or the other, just posting this for the guys who don't want to watch through 11 minutes of closed captions.


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I did not have to enable CC. I don't even know how. ANYWAYS, I honestly don't think anyone here was making any judgements on Anybody. Genuinely Hopeful that many will appreciate and value the extra-efforts you did doing the the write-up in English. You the BEST Mate, Thanks!


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Alright! Figured this out quick to enable Close Caption for English, please click "CC Button". at the lower Right Corner of the YouTube Frame. English Translation Appears.

The Designer presents detail information/story behind each Design Improvements done to the NEW Futaba 7PX-R and why. He says, that a number of the improvements are from suggestions received from 7PX Drivers/Users and shared "difficulties" while Racing with the Futaba 7PX based on ergo design, weight distribution, and a few "improvements" to meet specific requirements and/or "would have liked if" (eg. Drift Drivers).

11 minutes of close caption can be bothersome, Hopefully, it will be worth the Bother as I found the Presentation to be well organised, informative, and very interesting. FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH, it was a glimpse into the mind and heart of the Japanese -- focused on and the Unique Way of Thinking and Commitment.

If we are seriously thinking about the 7PX-R, and especially if we are upgrading from a 7PX or 7PX Limited Model, and with limited info, ask if the NEW 7PX-R is worth the money? Maybe, those that value design fine-tuning improvements for ergonomic ease and gaining more precision control of the Large Scale Model - then YES.

Over 20 Years ago, while completing a second Ph.D from one of Tokyo's Top University -- RC was the Hobby to Recreate doing weekday and weekend practice, and competing in monthly/quarterly Regional Races with my Local Teamates in Kanto (Tokyo) Area.

I asked some Japanese Team Drivers,"what was the major basis/consideration for selecting between flagship controllers." Many of them said it was the "Overall Feel" of the Transmitter on one's hand. I figured they meant the Overall Ergonomics Feel over a period of Race Time. Probably based on Physical form, Weight Distribution, Balance and they said most important the Steering Wheel Touch and REsponse of the Controller. They did ask me to actually hold and asses, and confirm and deny if it is so based on first hand experience. YES each felt different, which in by the way very noticeably different. Shifting from Nicad to Lighter Lipo years after, did make significant changes, as well. Surprisingly, I was expecting them a comparison of who had the faster ir mot responsive signal based on technology as often promoted to this day. Well I guess then and up to Now -- Flagships of Sanwa, Futaba, JRPropo, and KO Propo were all at-par. USER Settings and driving preferences spells the Unique difference, Car Set-up and Driving style, lines, and timing, as well. Then, I noticed, People did hold their controllers differently.

NOW Let me point out, that this video for the NEW Futaba 7PX-R again surprisingly -- the Designer DID NOT discuss/emphasize/confirm -- the early claims by the first 7PXR Owner Feedbacks, that improvements seem to be integrated regarding the "Super Response". Some Owners felt Super Response was Faster.

Anyway, I suspect because his work was more focused on Design Improvements that significantly help in the Driving Experience. I did sense from the 4PK-Super to the 7PX really felt way much faster. I'll try to find out, and get bak on this topic when I get the chance. Thanks for your interest. PEACE!
For those that need it in different language -- hire's the full Transcription. Apologies a bit long . . . CHEERS!

We will Introduce Futaba 7PX Radio

At First Glance it may look Almost the same as the 7PX. If you look at the detail you can see that it has changed a lot. First and Foremost Feature is Lighter Weight. Significant Weight Reduction compared to 7PX. The point of weight Reduction are Various. 7PX R Uses Titanium Screws for the invisible parts of the grip part Red Screws for decoration for Aluminium Screws, It is lightweight stuck to the Material. The hardest aluminium of 7075 which is familiar in the RC is adopted

The main feature is that the design has been changed considerably in this head part. You can see from the side the thickness of the upper part of the display is designed to be thinner than the conventional 7PX
This has reduced the weight of the top part achieved weight reduction of 12 Grams only at the top. When the top is lighter, the radio can feel lighter than that gram. I think it feels pretty light when you bring it

Next is the coloraturas touch display of the main operating part. The home button under the display is frequently used while operating 7PXR has larger buttons and improved operability. The design around this switch has also been changed. The power button on the right and the display button is on the left. There is an LCD in the Middle. The conventional 7PX pilot lamp was lit blue. 7PXR shines Red to have that image glows Red by default, but you can choose from 7 colors. Please choose accordingly to your body such as Green or Yellow to your liking. The non Telemetry LED on the Back is glowed blue in 7PX and changed to Red in 7PXR. This LCD is red Only.

Trim operation around the stick it is slightly higher than 7PX. This makes it easier to trim while driving
There is a housing that wraps around the steering. This housing is designed carbon pattern. The back is also the lid of carbon pattern housing. Previously 7PX Limited Edition adopted carbon pattern body. This time not only design but also carbon material is mixed to the resin to increase rigidity. The 7PX limited model, we used aluminium material for the housing. This time 7PXR is hardened by using resin containing carbon and lighter than aluminium. Because the housing is rigid and hard it Improved steering capability, provides more stable cornering especially when using A.P.A. (this is the steering wheel angle adapter). Rigidity is more important in the way of Leverage. Even in this state, it can maintain rigidity firmly. The carbon pattern on the back is of course made of hard resin. Although the carbon handle of the optional part was slightly wobble when installed with the 7PX. The Use of resin with carbon makes it easier to hold.

Next is around the trigger. The shoe of the brake part of the trigger has been overhauled
From small Japanese Hands to Large Foreigners. Redesigned brake lever shape fit various hand size
Designed so that operability is not affected by almost anyone. Different types of Trigger are also included in the set. This is a 3D shape design (referring to the Trigger). With conventional triggers, your finger may hurt while you operate for a long time. With the new shape of the 3D trigger, Even if you use the brakes for a long time, the finger will not hurt and you will not get tired, This is for right-handed. but left handed is also included in the set

Next is about accessories. This is the normal handle. The set comes with an angle adapter that can be tilted 5 degree (referring to stressing wheel angle design). The 10 degree angle adaptor was previously sold as an option. We received feedback that the Angle was too tight at that degrees. A.P.A. was formerly an adapter that lowered 25mm, but also refer to feedback 17mm offset APA adapter included
The above is an introduction of functional changes such as the appearance part and the trigger wheel circumference

For Japanese Domestic models, a 1100 mA Battery is enclosed. When you turn on the power the screen appears like this. There is no major change in software, but dded playfulness (5 speedometer-like dials upper half) Includes a function that displays throttle opening in meters according to the throttle operation
This is because drift users wanted to visualise their accelerator work. We incorporated that function

LED setting in the system menu. You can choose from 7 colors like this. If you select green. it will turn green, and you can choose you favourite LED color. Another Slightly interesting feature is There is a screen theme item in the display settings. The default is a black background color, You can change it to a red background color, It was an in production of new functions of 7PXR

Thank you for Watching.
It took me long enough to figure out how my basic futaba 3pv works. I wound up replacing my throttle servo because I thought it was glitching. Turns out I just had the ABS on and turned all the way up. Id be lost with that thing. Sure looks cool though. Wish the basic tx's came with such a large screen, id jump on that.
AWSOME! Setting do mess-up things. Please Enjoy!
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