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Ok, so what kind of pipes are you guys running? I am running a JetPro silenced version 1.

What do you think of your pipe? Please let us know. Stock or otherwise!

The only reason I am asking is, I am sure there are people out there that have no idea where to start. Samba, FG, Jet Pro, DDM Dominator,etc... And at $100-$300, a pipe, is an expensive leap of faith, so I thought we could help some people!

I feel, in my opinion, the Jet Pro silenced version one, (there are two) is a VERY HEAVY pipe, it did give me boatloads of low end, but did kinda hurt the mid-range. The top end is about the same, maybe a touch more, but not much.

With the weight of the pipe on the rear, (a lot of the weight behind the rear tires), it killed my steering in loose gravel (such as a dirt road) but on the other hand the weight of the pipe keeps it more stable in the rear end at speed. The throttle response is amazing! Wheelies on anything that I can get traction on! Throttle is very linear up to mid throttle then goes flat for about a second or two, then starts pulling good top end rpm. Clocked at 43 mph, by the local police department and it was still pulling! (I was in a 150 foot parking lot)

The sound is very snappy, but not much louder than the stock spark arrestor, just cleaner and quicker sounding. MUCH QUIETER than a Jet-Pro unsilenced or a DDM! For comparison, the sound of the stock spark arrestor on pavement is about as loud as the silenced Jet-Pro in grass, make sense?

I am interested in going with a Samba pipe, but I was too cheap to drop $300 on something that I knew nothing about, I am sure there are others, out there , that don't know where to start, so I hope this helps!!

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I got a Samba Marder-pipe that i haven't installed yet. :)

I did have the Fg 3pcs. Pipe installed before the DDM. It gave some low but more mid to top end grunt from the motor. Not much of a wheelie pipe though, and the DDM delivers more for the money. I think it would give better performance if it where done like the Samba.


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OK well, to help the "New Guys" and "And not so new guys" on here, what do you all think of them? Easy install... Performance... Value... (ie, was it worth the money you paid)?


Got the Fg for $75.00 in a forum from a user, was my 1st pipe, fastest and easiest pipe ever to install.
Got the DDM on Ebay for a great price, great pipe, well worth it, but a small nightmare in the install process. Would do it all over again too good performance for the price.:)
Thanks, BtB I am hoping to help some new guys to this scale! I know, when I bought my pipe, I was completley clueless!!! In fact I was asking guys on Ebay about their pipes, but I received a bunch of, " Are you gonna buy my truck?"
I responded , "No I'm not, I just wanted to know what pipe to buy!"

Do you know how many, "Get fu*cked" comments I received? A bunch!!! So, I thought it would be cool to help some people!

So, Thank you for your reply!
...And how about getting more people into this scale!

I got bit by the large scale bug. I bought the baja 5b first and i second one arriving tomorrow, lol. A clone Firehammer MT.

Question, is the Firehammer MT close enough to the FG MT that the tuned pipes available for the FG will fit the FHMT?

I'm lookin at one pipe more than any others, this pipe made by TGN http://www.davesmotors.com/store/product2136.html . i like that it boosts all of the powerband instead of just high or just low like some of the other pipes.
Does it make that much of a difference going to a tuned pipe? Reason I ask is , I bought my FG Monster Truck and was expecting the monster wheelies that I saw everyone elses doing on "YOU TUBE" but all its doing is spinning the tires out of control. What do you recommend doing? Going to a tuned pipe? Possibly changing to a softer compound tire? Let me know please. Thanks, Ben
Yes a tuned pipe will make it do wheelies, very easily. If you will be running your truck in populated areas you might want to think about a silenced pipe.
The truck came with 2 hard compound and 2 med. compound tires, check to make sure you have the softer set in the rear.

The DDM Dominator pipe and the Jet Pro unsilenced pipe are VERY loud!!! They're like a dirtbike with no exhaust at all. I get the same power but mine is much quieter.

Buy a pipe and buy a wheelie bar at the same time, you'll need it! Protect that $150 body!!!

Good luck,
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