Technokit TK99EL / SS Thread.

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Now that I have had help finding out what model I have ill start this thread.
Im doing a complete tear down and rebuild. Im sure Ill have a million questions.

I was pointed to the proper manual for this rig and have posted it on my website.

Im starting from the front of the RC and working my way back to the rear.
I picked up the car for 300.00 and its a solid platform to rebuild. Everything is there and seems to be in working order. There was a total lack of 'Pride of ownership" from the original owner and honestly, its a pile of dirt hiding all the alloy under it.

So far I have torn it down to the major components and have started to bathe the parts in my ultrasonic cleaner. Ill fully inspect everything and check for cracks and bends.

Here are a few pics of what Im working on.



unless theres visable damage to the rest of the diff, or the idler gear that drives it, then its internal.

how do the rear tires spin, like the baja diff? or is it locked up or crunchy, one wheel spins other does nothing?
Geeze... Was he using it as a Rally Car or a Boat and refusing to clean it???

The Diff is the Autolock... That is the good diff that peope have been putting in their other brands for years...

You have a 99E with what looks like all the "Cup" options minus the Pipe...

When taking the hubs off, don't lose those little bushings, they are hard to come by right now... You'll see them inside the arms... There are 2 different sized 6mm long and 8mm long.. I have a bunch of 8mm's I've been cutting down...

On the Technokit site is also the blowup of the diff, there's really not much to it.... I've dealt with SLD Model in the UK and she tells me she can get me any parts I need...

If you want, you can replace the diff (if it's that bad inside) with an FG diff, it's a direct drop in... The bearings are all the same size as the FG's and the Hubs will also fit...

I'm looking to see if I can use FG pads and brake disks also... It used to be that people would buy the TKT GFK disks and Steel pads and put them on other brands but they are hard to get right now...

All the rod ends are the same sizes between brands... Those Red rod ends you have are actually Lauterbacher... They are nice, but they don't give like the plastic do if you crash... All you need to do is measure the turnbuckle diameter and buy accordingly...

The Carbon Fiber top plate is a nice option to have... I have a custom milled stock one and I also have a set of custom milled aluminum body mounts on my car....
You guys are a wealth of information.
I haven't yet even spun the rear wheels so I have no clue. On the outside it all looks good. The CF deck has seen better days. Ill have a friend make me a new one. There are a few other hand made CF parts that are worse for wear as well.

Bearings are shot all the way around. Hmm...
I wonder I if know anyone who has any :D.

All the brake rotors and pads are still in great shape but I will need to hit the bicycle shop to get some new cables. Thats as far as I have gotten so far. Not to bad, Its a winter project and I haven had it now for 24 hours.

The guy I got it from has a dirt oval track. My suspicion is that he took it for a lap or 50.

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I got the front end pulled apart to discover that all 4 hinge pins are bent.
Do you have any clue if they are the same as the FG Sportline Part number 7102?

The dimensions of all 4 pins on the Technokit are 6mm X 86mm
i think the majority of things should fit between most of these. and if not, then buy the whole needed assembly and drill correct holes on the chassis if need be. lol
i think the majority of things should fit between most of these. and if not, then buy the whole needed assembly and drill correct holes on the chassis if need be. lol

Don't laugh I considered that.... hahahah....

The biggest wear item are the little bushings in the arms... Gotta find an industrial supplier that I can get all I need...
OK here comes the first of many questions as I put the front end back together.

It has alum. A-Arms top and bottom. The previous owner has a bunch of mismatched spacers top and bottom of the steering hub.

What I need to know to put this part back together is the following so I can get the proper length spacers in the proper place.:

1-Total distance from the top of the bottom A-Arm to the bottom of the top A-Arm / Ball cup.

2-Distance from the top of the bottom A-Arm to the bottom of the steering hub.

Once I know this I can add the proper shims / spacers to the proper place both upper and lower. If there is a better way to find this info, Im all ears.

Spacers are up to you... The camber is reactive and playing with the spacers will dictate how much camber change you'll get... I can measure my car tomorrow, can I tell you it's right, no... But it's a start...

I wish I could find a set up sheet for the car... A starting place... My setup has been all over first looking for rear traction and then looking for front... Still trying to get more mid speed steering...

The white springs come stock on the car in the rear and blue come on the front... I've run it that way, I currently have wites all around with 6000 in the front and 4000 in the rear... I think I'm going to try blues all around since I'm going to a very high grip track on the 30th...
Im talking about the spacers in-between the steering hub and the A-arms.

I can see where the caster an camber adjustment are made. That was going to be my next question. The car came with white all the way around on it. Ill rebuild the shocks and use your weights in them as a starting point.

He had 3 different kinds of washers and spacers on it and both sides were different. Looking at the diagram I would be talking about part number 51429 on page 3 close to the right side of the page under the steering knuckle. I guess ill space it to a minimum just enough to keep it from binding at full action up or down.


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I have ordered a few FG things from They are only a few citys away from me. I have gotten 2 orders the next day. I also orderd from and got fast service.

The first link, they are into On-Road racing and know whats going on. The 2nd link I needed to give them part numbers.

I haven't had to order any Technokit exclusive parts as of yet so have no good sources.

Post some pics of your rig!
just picked up an excellent shape 99E myself and would also like to know where to get parts . please let me know.

It depends on what you need... There are many common parts between all 5th scale cars...

I'm pretty lucky that I have 2 cars so one has become a parts car...

Eddy, did you take that diff apart yet??
Not yet.
Im rebuilding the front first. I have most of the suspension finished up and am assembling it now. I took everything apart and dumped it in the ultrasonic cleaner. Im amazed that it even drove the way the previous owner had everything setup it had about -10 caster on one side due to all the bent bolts and and +10 on the other side for the same reason.

I sent away for a sheet of CF to fabricate a new lower servo deck. The one he had in there was made of wood LOL.

Ill be working on the rear in another week or two depending on how fast I get the CF. Im limited on bench space and don't want to have the entire rig in parts. Little by little Ill get it done.
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