Super Baja rey is China garbage...avoid imho!

Just because someone broke a rear axle doesn't mean it's a bad truck. Yes, mayby that axle should a been aluminium right away but there isn't one truck out there that's100% bad ass right out off the box.
I really like my Losi 5T, %B, and DBXL-E. I genuinely like the "closer to scale likeness" of a 1/7, especially the Super Baja King and have bren thinking of getting time for the longest. FWIW, my LHS think I should get one. We looked at the parts and I needed to promise myself to be extra-gentle when driving the Super Baja King.

We think that the plastic parts are not design/hardty to take as much beating as we would the DBXL-E, 5ive-B, and 5ive-T. If anyone need to test performance capability and especially toughness, limitation, I suggest that one keep spares of the axle housing, links, and driveshafts. We would probably need to custom machine aluminum 7075 billet, the axle housing, axle chromoly internal gears and pinion, reinforce the front A-Arms, Front and Rear Links and Driveshaft. Then I we upgrade motor and Electronics.

Yes It can be done Super Strong and Beautifully. But it will cost truckloads of pennies. That's why we should have NO qualms, beating-up the 5ive-T, 5ive-B and DBXL-E. But NEVER the Super Baja King.

So, the Traxxas Unlimited, We like Better?! Hmmmmm, HaHa, Hoot-Hoot! I honestly dunno. We NEVER owned or have Driven one. MAYBE we are just NOT Ready for the Traxxas. Sincere Apologies.