Vekta.5 engine question

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I'm new to the Forum, and pretty new to forums in general. I have a Vekta.5 with an OBR full mod 34 cc engine. I enjoy the Vekta (although it's down right now after a battery box thermal issue) however I would like a bit more speed. I've topped out at about 38 to 39 mph so far (near the end of my first gallon of 24:1 oil mix following Botejell breakin). I'm guessing it will not be much faster at 25:1 or 28:1. So I've started to think about an engine upgrade to OBR 40.8 that was recently announced. But I'm wondering if expensive drivetrain upgrades will be required. If I have to go down that path then it may make more sense (somehow) to go all in for a larger engine (rcmax 55 maybe).
The stock G320 RC is more than enough to tear up the drivetrain.
I only know about the mega gear set you need to run the Maxxis tires.
I have rebuild the complete drivetrain, plus cups and dog bone pins running this setup.
I would think a beefier motor would be death to the stock drivetrain. But give it a try thats whats it all about.
Let me add that converting to the mega gear set and the Maxxis tires, gave me greatly improved low and top end, is flies across the field like a jack rabbit. I got away from loctite and used small lock washers on the fasteners that are problems, works great no more stripped fasteners.
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How did I get dragged into THIS? the only thing I have said to the guy is "welcome bud" in his other thread.

Oh well since I'm getting the blame..

🗣Cardarear if your reading this mate you should get a bigbore, a big feckoff shiny one. 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍🏻
Hilarious. Step 1: get my Vekta back on the road after the thermal issue in the battery box. Step 2: switch out the mega torque grating for the stock bearing and see how well the OBR 34 full mod pushes that gearing. Step 3: make decision on larger displacement engine.